Stink Warrior (a Rogue-Style Game)

I think that the Dijkstra is a perfect method for finding the shortest paths through even the knottiest mazes.
It is gorgeous it is beautiful it is quick.
 But in my opinion it does not reflect how real organisms solve pathing issues.
anything produced by evolution can not be that efficient can not have such perfect knowledge of its environment.
so I came up with an alternative that brings joy to my nerdy little heart.   
Pathing by Smell.
works much like Dijkstra the goal releases a smell that smell diffuses wafts throughout the maze in game time taking turns being blocked by wall and whatnot.
critters that like the stink move to adjacent squares that have more of it then the square they are on.
fleeing creatures move to squares of less stink.
there you go.   
I wrote a demo to show how it works
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