Wednesday Gathering

posted Jun 28, 2011, 5:09 AM by Kevin Mack
Ok people, I apologize for the short notice but I did want to get this out here anyway.  We are indeed still having a get together this week at Applebee's for just some good laughs and hanging out.  Sorry this post wasn't up here with more notice, but I've had a particularly busy week, and I hadn't had time. 
Same drill as always 9pm at Applebee's on the carlisle pike.  Now, let me also say I'm not opposed to meeting somewhere else if people want to suggest somewhere. 
The main reason we picked Applebees is that A.)  Its close to the comic shop, so it helps pull people over.  B.)  The prices are cheap, with half priced appetizers.  If someone can find somewhere that meets at least the second of those two criteria, I'm on board.

Applebee's on Carlisle Pike