Welcome to the Wediko Transitions Project Website   

The Wediko Transitions Project is a multi-year study of how children change in response to short-term residential treatment. The project, directed by Drs. Audrey Zakriski (Connecticut College) and Jack Wright (Brown University), is conducted in collaboration with Wediko Children's Services.  Wediko operates a summer residential treatment program for at-risk youth at their campus in Windsor, New Hampshire, and a year-round consulting service in Boston, Massachusetts.    
Funded in part by a grant from the National Institute of Health (NIH), and in part by support from a National Service Agency AmeriCorps Grant, the project has four main goals:  
  • To deepen our understanding of children's response to psychosocial interventions;
  • To develop context-sensitive methods for assessing childhood behavior problems;
  • To clarify the processes that mediate the transfer of treatment gains to the home and school environments.
  • To provide training to undergraduate and graduate students in clinical field research. 
This website serves several purposes:  
  • Researchers, clinicians, and other professionals will find a brief History of research at Wediko Children's Services, posters and presentations at recent Conferences, abstracts from Articles in scholarly journals, and Links to other resources.
  • Students will find recent Student Theses based on project data, samples of Research MaterialsAnnouncements about students' accomplishments, and a statement For Students.  
  • Parents will find a description of how information they provide helps Wediko monitor and improve its services for vulnerable youth.   
  • A list of the many other People who have contributed to the project is also provided.
 This website is frequently updated. If you have comments or suggestions, or do not find the material you need, please contact the webmaster.