We put together WeddingsInMaryland.com pretty early in the past decade.  We didn't do a whole lot with it for awhile as we concentrated on actually producing weddings.  We used the site mostly to generate leads for weddings.  However, we found that the name of the site itself was so strong that brides and their families started coming to it specifically because it is so simple.  There's not a lot of "content" on it, no advice columns, no articles on how to make your wedding "perfect".  Just fast, reliable vendor info that you can evaluate for yourself.  We're here to provide fast into on weddings...not force you to click through pages ad infinitum to maybe find the info you need.  We are not "click-driven".  We are here to get you the info you need in the shortest time possible.  You've got a wedding to plan.  There is no time to waste.