Welcome to our wedding page. We are getting married Saturday, November 3, 2018, at noon at Augustana, 1007 E 14th Street in Minneapolis. The lunch reception will follow in a different room in a different Augustana building (you won't have to go outside, but you can have your transportation pick you up at 1510 11th Avenue S after the reception if you prefer). I will be at Augustana at 9:30 if anyone needs anything. 

URGENT NEEDS: We need a parking assistant right away. Duties include standing in front of Augustana at 1007 E 14th Street from 11:30 to 12:00 with a sign (should I make one for you or can you make?) that says something like "wedding parking assistant" and helping people know where they can park. I will provide 50 maps (which show the lots) that you can give to people (to show them where to park) as needed.

Some parking is on the street, preferably where there are 2 hour time limits. Shorter time limits are more likely to get ticketed or towed. Augustana has two lots, one is a regular visitor lot behind the building (enter on 11th Ave by 15th street) and the other is one we got permission to use and is on 7th street and the second lot from the corner of 7th Street and 11th Avenue. To enter it, you have to come in from 94 or go down 6th or 8th to come back up 7th because they are all one way streets, odd coming in and even going out. North Central University has graciously loaned us any unmarked spot in any of their lots from 11 to 3.  The map is North Central University's parking map and I have marked Augustana's lots with an A on that map.

We also need someone to pour the wine at the reception! 

The parking has been taken care of: Augustana has a second lot and North Central University has graciously offered us some of their parking. For details, go to the parking page under the About the Location link. 

The music is completely covered, thanks to Sharon K, Emily, John S.

I also need on site people before and during the wedding who can direct or guide others with where to go and what to do. If you can help with things, come early. I will be there by 9:30 am.

Some really important stuff: There will be people attending (including the bride) who are sensitive to scented products so if you could possibly avoid those, that would be great. 

Here is a picture of our future family: 
Lisa, Benjamin, and Nate at Lisa's dad's family reunion.