8th Anniversary Stone and Meaning

8th Anniversary Stone

Traditional - "Tourmaline, Alternate - Tanzanite

Welcome to the 8th Anniversary stone and meaning page!

Before you gift shop for the  8th Anniversary gemstone jewelry for your spouse, parents or that special someone, it will be edifying to have prior knowledge of the meaning of gemstone that's carded for the  8th Wedding Anniversary.

Now are you ready to find out how amazing your Anniversary gift really is for this Wedding Anniversary? You will be
in awe of the powerful meanings and healing powers they possess, this will truly make your Anniversary present something to be cherish by the recipient. 

Now we'll like to dive in and give you the  8th Wedding Anniversary gemstones meaning for tourmaline and tanzanite.

According to the Anniversary Symbol the 8th Anniversary stones are:
  • Tourmaline - is the Traditional Anniversary stone.
  • Tanzanite - is the Alternate Anniversary stone

Gemstones and Meanings

8th Traditional Anniversary Gemstone

Tourmaline - symbolizes love and friendship, it is said to remove negativity, fear, nervousness and increase strength of body and mind.

Tourmaline comes in a variety of colors; pink, orchid, blue, green, red, yellow, black, brown and watermelon tourmaline.

8th Alternate Anniversary Gemstone

Tanzanite - this stone was found in Tanzania in 1967, it has since become a well known and widely distributed gemstone. It was added by American Gem Trade Association as their official list of stones for the month of December.