20th Anniversary Stone and Meanings

20th Anniversary Stone

Traditional - Emerald, Alternate - Yellow or Golden Diamond"

Welcome to the 20th Anniversary stone and meaning page! First let me congratulate you on your 20th Wedding Anniversary!!! 

Before you gift shop for the 20th Anniversary gemstone jewelry for your spouse, parents or that special someone, it will be edifying to have prior knowledge of the meaning of gemstone that's carded for the 20th Wedding Anniversary.

Now are you ready to find out how amazing your Anniversary gift really is for this Wedding Anniversary? You will be
in awe of the powerful meanings and healing powers they possess, this will truly make your Anniversary present something to be cherish by the recipient. 

Now we'll like to dive in and give you the 20th Wedding Anniversary gemstones meaning for ruby, rhodolite garnet and alexandrite.

According to the Anniversary Symbol the 20th Anniversary stones are:
  • Emerald - is the Traditional Anniversary stone.
  • Yellow or Golden Diamond - are the Alternate Anniversary stones.              

Gemstones and Meanings

20th Traditional Anniversary Gemstone 

Emerald - was once a favorite gift between lovers. Its also claimed to help with those who have weak sight and used to believed that if a serpent looked at an emerald it would become blind.

20th Alternate Anniversary Gemstone - Yellow or Golden Diamond 

Yellow Diamond - symbolizes cheerfulness, overwhelming joy, prosperity, unconquerable and enduring. Diamond is a favorite stone for eternity ring and stands for "virtue," however its first meaning was "courage" which came from the Greek word "adamas" and is translated as 'invincible.

Its believed that the fire in the diamond symbolized the constant flame of love.