Anniversary Stones by Year for 1st to 100th

Limoges Jewelry

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Anniversary Stones & Meanings
For 1st to 100th Anniversaries

Anniversary stones as given as Anniversary gifts to express love, affections, support, I appreciate you to your spouse, parents or relatives.

These lovely gemstones not only make eye-catching Anniversary presents, but according to the Anniversary symbols they are designated gemstones that suppose to be given to reward the couple for the length of time they have established together.

Do you also know that these gorgeous gems also; promote health, success, uplift mood, have positive effects on the body, and so much more?

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For this Wedding Anniversary you can write the Anniversary gemstone meaning on a card so the person whom you are buying the gemstone jewelry for will know the powerful effects of their gemstone.

Please Note:
Some Anniversary years do not have a designated Anniversary stone, but you can always get the person you are gift shopping for their favorite color gemstone jewelry or their birthstone for an Anniversary present.

Ready to check out your Wedding Anniversary gemstone and its meaning?
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Anniversary Gemstones
For 1st to 100th Anniversaries


1st Anniversary  Traditional - Gold Jewelry
 Alternate   - Peridot, Pearl
2nd Anniversary  Traditional - Garnet 
 Alternate    - Rose Quartz
3rd Anniversary  Traditional - Pearl
 Alternate   - Crystal, Jade
4th Anniversary  Traditional - Blue Topaz
 Alternate   -  Blue Zircon
5th Anniversary  Traditional - Sapphire 
 Alternate    - Pink Tourmaline
6th Anniversary  Traditional - Amethyst
 Alternate    - Turquoise
7th Anniversary  Traditional - Onyx
 Alternate    - Yellow Sapphire, Golden
 8th Anniversary  Traditional - Tourmaline 
 Alternate    - Tanzanite
 9th Anniversary  Traditional - Lapis Lazuli
 Alternate    - Amethyst, Green Spinel
10th Anniversary  Traditional - Diamond Jewelry
 Alternate    - Blue Sapphire
11th Anniversary  Traditional - Turquoise
 Alternate    - Citrine, Yellow Zircon
12th Anniversary  Traditional - Jade
 Alternate    - Opal
13th Anniversary  Traditional - Citrine
 Alternate    - Moonstone, Hawk's Eye
14th Anniversary  Traditional - Opal
 Alternate    - Bloodstone, Agate 
15th Anniversary  Traditional - Ruby
 Alternate    - Rhodolite Garnet,
16th Anniversary  Traditional - Peridot
 Alternate    - Red Spinel
17th Anniversary  Traditional - Watches 
 Alternate    - Carnelian
18th Anniversary  Traditional - Cat’s Eye or Chrysoberyl
 Alternate    - Aquamarine
 19th Anniversary  Traditional - Aquamarine
 Alternate    - Almandine Garnet
 20th Anniversary  Traditional - Emerald,
 Alternate   - Yellow or Golden
 21st Anniversary  Traditional - Iolite

 22nd Anniversary  Traditional - Spinel   

 23rd Anniversary  Traditional - Imperial Topaz
 24th Anniversary  Traditional - Tanzanite

 25th Anniversary  Traditional - Silver 

 28th Anniversary  Traditional - Orchid Tourmaline 
 Alternate    - Amethyst
 30th Anniversary  Traditional - Pearl,
 Alternate    - Diamond, Jade
 33rd Anniversary  Traditional - Amethyst

   34th Anniversary
 Traditional - Opal

  35th Anniversary  Traditional - Emerald 
 Alternate    - Coral, Jade
 38th Anniversary  Alternate    - Beryl, Tourmaline
 40th Anniversary  Traditional - Ruby
 45th Anniversary  Traditional - Sapphire
 Alternate    - Cat’s Eye
 50th Anniversary  Traditional - Gold Jubilee
 Alternate    - Imperial or Golden Topaz
 52nd Anniversary  Traditional - Ruby

 55th Anniversary  Traditional - Alexandrite

 60th Anniversary  Traditional - Diamond Jubilee
 Alternate   - Star Ruby
 65th Anniversary  Traditional - Blue Spinel
 Alternate   - Star Sapphire

 70th Anniversary  Traditional - Sapphire Jubilee
 Alternate    - Smoky Quartz
 75th Anniversary  Traditional - Diamond Jubilee
 Alternate    - Sapphire
 80th Anniversary  Traditional - Ruby Jubilee

 85th Anniversary  Traditional - Diamond 

 90th Anniversary  Traditional - Diamond

 95th Anniversary  Traditional - Diamond
 Alternate    - Ruby
 100th Anniversary  Traditional - 10 Carat Diamond