37th Anniversary Gift

What's The 37th Anniversary Gift?

A l a b a s t e r...

Happy 37th Wedding Anniversary!

According to the Anniversary symbols, the 37th Anniversary gift material is Alabaster and also happens to be the Modern Anniversary gift for this Anniversary year. 

Usually there are 3 types of Anniversary gifts materials that's associated with other Anniversary years, which one can select from to celebrate their Wedding Anniversary. But for the 37th Anniversary year, there are only one type of Anniversary gift material and that's the modern Anniversary.

37th Modern Anniversary Gift - Alabaster

Alabaster - is a stone and its name is applied to varieties of two distinct minerals, gypsum and calcite. Gypsum alabaster is a soft, smooth, fine-grained rock that's soft enough to be scratch with your fingernail. Unlike the calcite alabaster its so hard you will have to use a knife to scratch it. 

Both of these alabasters are easy to work with and have been used for making a number of attractive variety of artworks and carvings. Alabaster thickness is (1-2 inches) which can easily allow light to pass through it.

Alabaster is generally white or delicately shaded and translucent, but there are also a black alabaster which is a rare form of the gypsum-based mineral and is only found in three veins in the world, Oklahoma, Italy, and China.