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Getting married in a red dress is perfectly appropriate. Especially for Asian brides, of course -- but almost anyone looks good in red.  Here's a pix I took at the Metropolitan Museum (NYC). Formerly thought to be Ellen Terry, it's another actress portraying Portia. Nice hair. Nice dress.  Go for it.

We've married lots of people in red -- and Red Velvet Cake makes a great wedding cake. One of the weddings-in-a-red-dress had a jazz concert after by "Scarlet".  And red favors.  Very hot.

Embrace your inner red.  It's a chance for great red shoes, an antique stole or Chinese silk wrap.  And a red paper umbrella. The groom can also have fun with accessories, a great jacket, red socks, tie..

Unless it's your normal wear, though, don't try saris or  salwar kameez or cheongsam. You probably won't remember how to stand or walk in it.

Almost any colour is OK - midnight blue doesn't take photographs very well.  Green is supposed to be bad luck, but here's a nice Brooklyn bride in Green, just caught by the wind.

Silk brocade is lovely in winter, as well, and you can wear it later - another bonus. And probably no one else will be wearing it at your wedding.

It's a great time for frills - organza, lace, spring flowers, cheery flowery dresses, make everyone feel happy. And the bride is OBVIOUSLY the pretty one in the new dress. No matter what color, she's the center.

Just think: you won't have to compare yourself with all those OTHER gazillion bridezillas, each in their Wang wannabe knockoff.  Be unique.  Because you are.

Here is our list of organic, hemp, recycled wedding dresses.

p.s. For a TOTALLY different look (this is an art project - not a real bride), see these lovely wedding dresses made of -- toilet paper!

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