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Checklist for Eloping.
(Here is a list of steps for New York. You can find license regulations for other states below).

Write us to ask questions on any of these steps (except #1, of course!)

1. Find partner. Propose. Rinse and repeat.
2. Decide on Date and time, start thinking about location and rain location.
3. Find all your IDs (passport, drivers license, birth certificate, etc.)
4. Decide if either of you will change your name. Surname options
5. Buy a $35 Money Order at a drugstore - cheaper than a bank.  The Marriage Bureau is now accepting CREDIT CARDS.  Progress!
6. Go to City Hall TOGETHER and apply for your marriage license (up to 60 days ahead, but not LESS than 24 hours ahead)
If you are not a US citizen, make sure your home country accepts a regular New York City license, or whether you need to apply for an "extended" license or apostille. Just phone your consulate.
7. FIND A LEGALLY REGISTERED MARRIAGE OFFICIANT. Call City Hall to make sure they are registered: 212-669-2778.
8. Decide about a legal witness, or ask Marriage Officiant to secure a witness.
9. Buy a ring or two (or not - your choice!)
10. Buy some flowers (or not - your choice, but nice :-)
11. Discuss your ceremony wishes with the offficiant.
12. 24 hours+ after #6, meet your officiant, exchange your vows, exchange your rings, pledge your lives into each others keeping. Kiss.
13. Sign the license. Witnesse(s) sign the license. Officiant signs license with official date and time.
14. The officiant will congratulate you, and take the license to file it for you. It will be mailed to you in 2-3 weeks.
15. Pop the champagne, and celebrate your new union!

Here are Regulations for each state (from Findlaw)

Here are Regulations for Ontario, Canada.

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