The Weconomics Foundation is a modern network organization with people from all over the world. People who feel the urge to organize fundamental problems we are facing in our modern society. We care about our children’s future. Growth is not more but better. We develop and apply new technologies to become more productive and use the surplus time to organize a more sustainable prosperity for more people. Weconomics is a fundamentally new organization model, a peer-to-peer knowledge infrastructure and a proven transition program. Weconomist want to organize a more sustainable prosperity. It is time to become part of the worldwide Weconomics family.

Your own adventure
You work from the location you choose. We are spread out all over the world. We work with community-software: independent of time, place or organization. We care about the work you produce, not just the hours you put in. Success is not how much money you make but about your answer on two question: do you enjoy life and does your life brings joy to others?

Be part of the family.
When you make it past the interview stage we’ll do one or a couple projects together on contract bases. Typically lasting not more than one year, depending on how much time you can spend, to see how we work together. After this ‘project’ period we make new arrangements: a job, on contract bases or a hybrid form.

Meet-up offline
We get the whole organization together once a year for a couple of days. We will have dialogues, sometimes also great discussions on our seven core community connections: perspective, vision, ambition, coordination, structure, culture and governance.

What are we looking for?
Weconomists care about life: not only ‘here and now’, but also ‘there and later’. You are driven, compassionate, autonomous, friendly, collaborative, communicative, supportive and self-motivated. You are curious about things that are not present yet. We want to work with people interested in organizing a sustainable prosperity with the help of technology.

What we believe
Weconomists believe in our human ability to organize an affordable and ultimately sustainable prosperity. The standard of living we ‘consume’ (in the West) is far from 'produced' in a sustainable way. This is illustrated by the debt problem, climate refugees, unequal distribution of work, income and assets, the depletion of scarce resources and climate change. These potentially disruptive developments are related to each other and we summarize these problems as a prosperity problem.


  • Open free-time policy (no set number of hours work per year).
  • We encourage you to take the time you need to rest, to pursue your own dreams, stay healthy, and to spend time with friends and family.
  • Home office setup and co-working allowances.
  • We provide or compensate tools you need for your work.
  • If you’ve been with Weconomics for one year, your maternity/paternity leave is paid.
  • We encourage two to three-month sabbatical every five years and we pay for it.
  • Your team will get together offline a couple of times per year. We cover costs of organization travel.
  • Other benefits are country-specific, and include health and insurance; matching retirement/pension contributions; childcare vouchers; income protection; travel insurance; and discount offers.

Think you’ve got what it takes?
If you are interested, please contact us