Welcome to our website! It is with great enthusiasm that we provide to you the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board's Full-Day Kindergarten program website. It is our hope that this website will provide you with the information you require to provide your students with rich, meaningful learning opportunities in Kindergarten. The information found on this site has been collected from a number of sources and is intended to provide you, the reader, with advice, suggestions and best practices that will allow you to proceed with the implementation of the Full-day Kindergarten Program with enthusiasm and confidence. You will note the many references to information and materials provided through the Early Learning Division of the Ministry of Education. Full-day Kindergarten has had a positive impact for so many of our 4 and 5 year olds and their families. We are very grateful for the support, strong leadership and vision that has inspired the implementation of Full-day Kindergarten.

This website has been a 'labour of love' for Michelle Chevalier, Consultant with the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board, and Kathryn Markham-Petro Professor of Early Childhood Education Education at St. Clair College. Thank you to this team for their dedication to this incredible project. To our webmaster, Hannah Petro, a former student of Villanova, a very sincere thank-you for sharing your talent and expertise with us; we rejoice in your brilliance.

We hope you will refer to this website often in order to grow your understanding, provoke new perspectives and affirm current practice. Please check in with Current Readings as this section is added to on a regular basis.


Any inquires with regards to content on the site and permission to use materials found here, please contact:
Kathryn Markham-Petro: kpetro@stclaircollege.ca
Suzanne Garneau suzanne.garneau@wecdsb.on.ca

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