Unit 3: Linear Relationships

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Intro Activity: How do these relate?


Rate of Change



Ramps, Roofs, and Roads



Motion Sensors and Distance-Time Graphs

 Alternate Walk this way activity. doc

This GIZMO would be a nice addition to any motion detector activity. It could also be used as a consolodation piece.
Graphical Stories


Oral Presentation Story Graph



Models of Movement


The Blue Car and the Red Car


Direct and Partial Variations



Modeling Direct Variations Use this gsp file to dynamically explore linear relations using initial value and rate of change: Linearfunctions.gsp


Modeling Partial Variations

This is a virtual activity that simulates placing beads in a graduated cylinder and seeing the relationship between then number of beads and the volume of the water. Beads in water.not

Descriptions, Tables of Values, Equations, Graphs

Developing Linear Relationships & Their Equations


Modeling Linear Relations with Equations



The Speedy Way to Graph


Graphing Linear Relations


Who has the better Deal


Gizmos: Modelling Linear systems: Activity A This activity shows an animation that goes well with graphical intersection in context. Its a nice introduction to linear systems.

The Landscaping Problem

This grid/table template could be made into a laminated poster for use in groups in class: GridPoster.doc


Practice: Points of intersection


Problem Solving Activity

Nice review Activity (note that most schools should have a set of these cards made up somewhere): Linear Scavenger Hunt.doc


Creating Linear Relations

Frayer Models



EQAO Type Questions

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