Quadratic Images

Travis Pastrama Rally Car Jump (video)

Robbie Maddison Corinth Channel (video)
Robbie Maddison Jumps a Football Field (video)

More Robbie Maddison. This image is pretty dark but you can still see the strobe effect. (video)

Thank you Redbull for continuing to throw stuff in the air

There is no lack of strobed jump images on the web

Angry Birds (Partial Parabola)

Angry Birds Partial Parabolas (note that the higher one is not parabolic on the right side due to the "rocket" motion of the bird
Skateboard Jump Strobe

Snowboard Jump

Snowboard jump animation could be used to see if the image is really a parabola

Snowboard jump strobe

Parabolas from bridges

Could use this to model with software and see if the arcs are parabolic

Several arcs to check if they are parabolic

Parabolic Arc

Ambassador Bridge


More fountains

More fountains