The Work Experience Coordinator's Association
  • To unite all engaged in work-based learning programs and collectively share information and ideas for the promotion of these programs in New York State
  • To serve as a liaison between our local organizations and the State Education Department for information relative to work-based learning programs.
  • To promote education and certification of teachers coordinating work-based learning programs.
  • To aid in the development of new programs across the state.
  • To support and promote career and technical education programs, career pathways, and other work-based learning programs.
  • To promote and support student leadership organizations.
  • To establish and maintain relationships with similar organizations in New York and other states.
Our Mission
WECA promotes work-based learning programs for all students under the auspices of the New York State Education 
Department and the Career Development and Occupational Standards (CDOS).  
Our members comprise a wide range of school and business professionals who work collaboratively to engage students in relevant, "real world" learning opportunities ranging from career awareness to career exploration and career development.  We welcome all those individuals who have an interest in quality work-based learning programs to join us.

Why Join WECA?
  • Abundant resources
  • Collaboration among coordinators
  • Advice - "Ask Ms. Work Experience"
  • Access to work-based learning forms
  • Recognition for your work
  • Advocacy for all work-based learning programs and coordinators.
  • Access to regional meetings around the state for you to network with other coordinators.
  • Access to the latest news about work-based learning programs and latest state regulations.
  • Reduced fees for annual conference.
  • Resources periodically emailed to all paid members.
  • Representation of your profession with the state education department, the department of labor, the NYS State United Teachers, NY Council on Safety and Health Issues, and all the professional associations in New York State.



 Practicing Coordinator


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Adult Student taking Certification Classes 


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