See 2017 WECA Conference Info  -  Agenda  This Conference allocates 15 CTLE hours.
Looking for work-based learning experiences for your entrepreneurial students? 
Try tapping into one of NYS's certified Incubator and Hot Spot sites.   Explore the incubator's website in your area and reach out to several of the start-up companies!

California's "Career Briefs" brings you many wonderful career related resources for use with your WBL programs.  
Look for their soft skills resource, "From Backpack to Briefcase."

April 4, Tuesday, WBL Coordinator's Competences #5 - Placement and Child Labor Law.  3:30 p.m.  Register

April 6th, Thursday, Westchester/Lower Mid-Hudson WBL Coordinators meeting, See.....


 3/28-3/29Tuesday & Wednesday
Albany, NY  Desmond Hotel

  •  “Buckle Up Your Seatbelt for Takeoff on the latest trends in Work-Based Learning, Cheryl Winstel, NYSED
  • Up, Up and Away with WBL Techniques Breakout Sessions
  • Keynote Speaker, Jhone Ebert, Senior Deputy Commissioner for Education Policy
  • “Flying High and Fast with CTE TAC, Tim Ott, CEO, SPN and Director, CTE TAC of NY
  • “Now Boarding” Annual Meeting – Election of Officers
  • “How to Make Your Students Soar to Success” Society of Human Resources Management Panel
  • “How Can Our Students Participate in the Expanding Workforce?”  
  • NYS Regional Economic Development Panel
  • Learn from your Colleagues - Regional 
  • Breakout Sessions
  • Successful Student Placements Panel of Coordinators and Students
  • Best Practices Presentations by Your Talented WBL Colleagues
  • Conference Reflections and Raffles


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