• May 19, 9:30 a.m.  Bryant & Stratton Orchard Park Campus. 
  • May 24, 1:30 - 2:30 p.m.  "How to Design a Comprehensive Career Plan to meet NY State Requirements" webinar.  Register here::  NY Career Plans Webinar Registration
  • June 1st, 11:30 - 1 p.m. Hudson Valley Zone at the 4 Harriman Drive Goshen Campus. Cheryl Winstel will be attending the meeting!  

........WILL DeRuve at Rennselaer High School.    We had 2/3rds of the conference attendees respond to the follow-up conference survey.   Will has won a free 2017-18 WECA membership.  Thank you all for participating.   The Executive Board will use the feedback in designing the 2018 conference. 


Looking for new business contacts for your advisory board or Work-based Learning Programs?  Try exploring the latest publi
cation, Best Companies to Work for in New York.  Click here for list and for the entire publication click on the image.
Find the companies which are in your county.  Look on LinkedIn for their corporate webpages.  Career paths/job openings are now published on these pages. 

The Characteristics of a Great Workplace


  • Employees trust executives to lead a healthy, dynamic and growing company that looks out for its people.
  • Leaders trust workers to be advocates who will make decisions that support both the business and its customers.
  • Co-workers regard each other as “family” who “have each other’s back.”


  • Employees of great companies are invested in both the business and the organization.
  • They see themselves as being part of a greater mission, something that goes beyond simple revenue and profits.


  • Leaders are open about the problems facing the business, as well as its successes.
  • They seek feedback on issues ranging from financial questions to operational challenges.
  • They are accessible and approachable.


  • Communication is constant.
  • The organization regularly seeks feedback on its culture and practices.
  • Conversations between managers and workers take place regularly.
  • Workers seek feedback from their peers.


  • Great cultures begin with the vision of a passionate advocate.
  • They require the continual attention of everyone from the CEO to line workers.

  From the ACTE Region I Leadership Conference

"Preparing Our Students for Career Success:  What Parents Should Know."   Great resource to be shared with entire faculty including counselors.  Take special note of page 28, "Parents Need to be Wary of Conventional Education Wisdom" and page 29, "Implementing an Occupational Strategy."

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