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Snow Removal Update - February 6, 2010

posted Feb 6, 2010, 7:00 AM by Tammy Havard   [ updated Feb 6, 2010, 7:12 AM ]
The Public Works Second and Third Snow Plow Removal Teams continued last night plowing primary, secondary, and collector streets (main roads).  Overnight the snow plowing efforts on main roads, to say the least, were very challenging as winds blew in excess of 35 miles per hour causing major drifting.  I personally was out with the Second Snow Plow Removal Team until 3 a.m. where the outlying roads would drift shut almost as soon as they were pushed out.

The Third Plow Snow Removal team, which reported at 3 a.m. to relieve the Second Team, continues to address main roads, of which, some of the rural roads are drifting almost completely shut or nearly impassable in some areas (Ditch, Towne, West 156th).  The main roads that are passable will soon be updated on the City of Westfield Snow Plow Status Map at:

Along with Third Snow Plow Removal Team, the Fourth, "Full Push" Snow Plow Removal Team reported at 8 a.m and has already begun to plow and update divisions on the Snow Plow Status Map.

Thanks for your patience due to the extreme overnight conditions that blew our way last night. I can assure you all of our Plow Removal Teams are working hard to clear all of the roads for passage and our goal is to have all roads, including subdivisions, completed by late this afternoon.


Kurt Wanninger
Director of Public Works
City of Westfield