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Scam Alert - Police Donation Solicitation Calls

posted Oct 5, 2011, 1:59 PM by Tammy Havard
The Westfield Police Department has received 2 complaints that residents of Hamilton County have apparently been receiving phone calls soliciting money on behalf of the Westfield Police Department. The Westfield Police Department does not solicit money via phone calls to residents of Westfield or Hamilton County. The caller states that he is representing the Carmel Fraternal Order of Police #185 and the Westfield Police Department and is asking for money. Officers of the Westfield Police Department are members of the Hamilton County Fraternal Order of Police #103. Westfield Detective and Vice President of the Hamilton County Lodge 103 Scott Clouse stated that the lodge is currently not running a phone solicitation campaign and when it does it posts the information clearly on the website of

If you receive a solicitation phone call, flyer, email or any other form of publication, verify that the organization is legitimate. Search on the internet for similar promotions and verify web sites of the businesses and/or call the business or group directly.

The Westfield Police Department only has one program that it asks for additional funds and that is “Cops and Kids”. Cops and Kids help buy Christmas gifts and clothes for children of Westfield in which the families were in need. Last year Cops and Kids brightened the holiday season for several families through donations by Westfield Business’s. The fund raising was not done by phone solicitation.

Any business or person who responded to a phone solicitation call by making a contribution to what they believed to be to the Westfield Police Department over the last few months should contact the Westfield Police Department at (317) 804-3200 or file a complaint on-line with the Indiana Attorney General’s Office

Westfield Police Department
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Westfield, Indiana 46074
Phone: (317) 804-3200
Fax: (317) 896-1966
Tammy Havard,
Oct 5, 2011, 1:59 PM