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International Patent

8개 항목(업데이트: 2017.08.29)
연번 구분 등록번호 지재권명 등록기관 국가명 등록일
1   08363965 Image encoder and decoder using unidirectional prediction ETRI, Kwangwoon Uni., Kyung Hee Uni. 미국 2013.01.29

08422810 Method of redundant picture coding using polyphase downsampling and the codec using the method ETRI 미국 2013.04.16
3   08428380 Apparatus and method of embedded quantization for the improved SNR scalbility

ETRI 미국 2013.04.23
08548060 Apparatus for encoding and decoding image using adaptive DCT coefficient scanning based on pixel similarity and method therefor
ETRI, Kwangwoon Uni.,
Sejong Uni.
미국 2013.10.01
5   08582657 Multi-dimensional and multi-stage transforming apparatus and method

ETRI 미국 2013.11.12
6   08619854 Scalable video encoding and decoding method using switching pictures and apparatus thereof

ETRI, Sejong Univ. 미국 2013.12.31
7   08693549 Method and apparatus for selective inter-layer prediction on macroblock basis

ETRI, Korea Univ. 미국 2014.04.08
08867854 Image encoder and decoder using undirectional prediction ETRI, Kwangwoon Uni., Kyung Hee Uni. 미국 2014.10.21