9 February 2009

Date:  9 February 2009 (11:00 am – 1 pm)

Place:  Marriott Restaurant, Littleton, CO

Attendees:  George Billings, Michele Schafer and Lynde Parke

Meeting Discussions:

1.     The following dates and activities are proposed for 2009:

  • March 27th, in Colorado Springs  (Budget $150; possibly at Champs or Fox and the Hound).
  •  April 24th, in Denver  (Budget $150; possibly at Yia-Yia’s, Greenwood Village)
  • May (Budget $200 to each location.  Alumni welcome to graduates; possibly in Colorado Springs and Denver).
  • June (Graduation; new fiscal year.  Need a rep at both graduations to speak)
  • July 31st, in Colorado Springs  (Budget $100; possibly at Champs or Fox and the Hound).
  • August 21st, in Denver  (Budget $100; possibly at Yia-Yia’s).
  • October 2nd Colorado Springs  (Budget $100; possibly at Champs or Fox and the Hound).
  • November 6th, in Denver  (Budget $100; possibly at Yia-Yia’s).
  • December – Family get-together (Budget $100; possibly at Pegasus or the Old Stone Church in Castle Rock, CO).
  •  January 2010 new dates announced for the New Year

2.     Looked at various scholarship ideas for Webster students and the Webster International Space Alumni Chapter may host their own scholarship program. 

3.     Annual compilation of activities (May 2008 – May 2009) is due to Webster University, St Louis NLT April 2009.

 Follow up Actions:

  •  Michele wants everyone to be thinking of volunteer events throughout 2009.  Some ideas are:  25th Annual Space Symposium, Arbor Day and Four Mile House Harvest Day.  Webster Works should not only be for one day.
  •  Michele will check on Webster clothing appropriate to wear to the 25th Annual Space Symposium.
  •  Lynde will check on the best venue for space alumni get-togethers in Colorado Springs; and, Michele will do the same for Denver.  Final dates and places are due NLT 20 Feb 09.
  • Lynde and George will work on the annual postcard (outlining the 2009 events).  George will check the price of using a magnetic stripping for the cards.
  • Michele will continue talks with CU/Boulder, Atmospheric Labs and Digital Globes for possible tours to both companies.  These dates will not be on the postcards due to the ongoing talks.George will check on badges for the team leads for use during all upcoming events; as well as, scholarship program startup for the International Space Chapter.

Please email Michele at misaschafer@comcast.net

Please email Sondra at sncorley@comcast.net

Please email Lynde at Lynde.Parker@Schriever.af.mil


NOTE:  Always check the Chapter Officers Page for current Officers and their associate e-mail addresses.