The ignorant right

How low can you go? 


I learned about this official GOP image from Air America Radio's Thom Hartmann. Note the orientation of the stars. Somebody, likely a marketing guru who got paid a hefty sum for the design, decided to orient the stars upside-down! How stupid can you get? I imagine they thought upside-down stars gave the elephant a less threatening look, as the far-right star surely represented the elephant's eye. Or perhaps, they discovered that conventionally oriented stars made the elephant look dead!



Since it fair play to monkey with the orientation of the Stars & Stripes, at least according to the GOP rule-book, I took my shot at it. Note what happens when I flip the entire image, so that the stars become right-side up. It turns out that the GOP does not practice Satanism at all. They have all along virtually begged us to look at the real symbology behind the icon. GOP polluters and industrialists unite!