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Roberts (Montgomery)

First Generation 


1. Robert Cadwalder.1 Born ca 1650 in near Bala, Merionethshire, Wales.2 Robert died bef 1717; he was 67.3 dec’d at time of son Nicholas’s wedding.

Both Robert and Jane removed to Gwynedd, PA.1

Excerpt from Jenkins, “Historical Collections of Gwynedd,” as transcribed in “Descendants of Robert Cadwalader.”

   “It is designed in this chapter to give systematically what is known concerning the descendants of Robert Cadwalader, of Wales, whose children, in the Welsh manner, took the surname Robert, subsequently changed to Roberts. His sons were Cadwalader, Morris, Nicholas, John and Rowland, and he had one daughter, Elizabeth. All these, as well as their father, were in Gwynedd or Montgomery [township], within a few years after the earliest company of settlers. They came, there is good evidence to prove, from Bala, in Merionethshire; the journal of an English Friend, mentioning Rowland Robert's religious visit, speaks of Bala as his birthplace.

    “Cadwalader is said to have come with the first settlers in 1698, and there is reason to believe that he was accompanied by Morris. That they were among the company on the Robert and Elizabeth is not certain, but the family tradition is that upon the ship which brought them there was much sickness, and that Cadwalader, who was noted for his kind and benevolent character, was active in assisting those who were ill. Subsequently, the father, Robert Cadwalader, came over with his wife, and their other children: Nicholas, John, Rowland, and Elizabeth. Some of them, certainly John, settled first near Philadelphia, in Oxford township, but all of them had located in Gwynedd or Montgomery, within a few years after the first settlement. An old account book of Ellis Roberts, of Gwynedd, tailor (not of this family), shows that Morris Roberts bought buttons (Ellis spells it ‘butnes’) of him, in the 9th mo., 1704, and that he had other dealings with Nicholas Roberts, as early as the 5th mo., 1705. Cadwalader's name appears as witness, on a marriage certificate, 3rd mo. 22, 1699. He bought land of Robert John in 1710, and his name is on the subscription paper for building the new meeting-house of 1712, - the subscriptions for the purpose being raised in 1710-11.

   “The parents, Robert Cadwalader and his wife, were old people when they came, and did not long survive. In the marriage certificate of their daughter Elizabeth, and Daniel Morgan, in 9th mo., 1718, Robert is spoken of as ‘late of Gwynedd,’ showing his death to have occurred previous to that time.

   “It is the tradition that none of the family were Friends at the time of their immigration, but if not, they soon joined the Society. John was married according to the order of Friends in 1706; Rowland in like manner in 1713; Cadwalader, in 1714; Nicholas in 1717; and Morris and Elizabeth, in 1718. Rowland was a minister among Friends, and so also was Elizabeth, as well as her husband Daniel Morgan.”4,2

“From the marriage certificates (Gwynedd and Radnor MM) it is apparent that a second Roberts family of Gwynedd consisting of Evan, Ellis, John, William, Lowry and Jane are first cousins or other close relatives of the children of Robert Cadwalader. They sign the marriage certificates of Robert Cadwalader’s children as a group and vice versa. The parents of this second Roberts family are not known.”2

Summary of Glenn’s account of the family background:

   “a) Robert Cadwalader is a lineal descendent of Marchweithian of Isaled, a chieftain who was by legend a head of the eleventh of the ‘Fifteen Tribes’ of North Wales, but in fact lived later (contemporary with Gruffydd ap Cynan 1080-1137 with whom he went into battle as an ally). The commot of Isaled is in the cantref of Rhuvoniog, in Perfeddwlad, Gwynedd containing part of Llanrahiadr and Denbigh in Merionethshire and Denbighshire and a portion of the Vale of Clwyd. Penllyn and Penmaen had been largely depopulated in the fight between Edward I and the Welsh, with most of the inhabitants killed and the land laid in ruins.

   “b) The ancestry of Robert Cadwalader, who removed to Gwynedd, is described thusly: his father was Cadwaladr ap Robert (ap Howel) who is named in 1636 in the Lay subsidy of Llangower. His father was Robert ap Howel, named in connection with a debt for a trifling sum, in the will of John ap Lewsi of Llangower dated 24 Mar 1572/3 and who died prior ot 3 Charles I (1627/8), leaving a son and heir Cadwaladr. His father was Howel ap Cadwaladr, lessee of the ‘Grange of Penllyn’ also known as ‘of Llangower.’ His father was Cadwallader ap Robert and his grandfather was Sir Robert ap Rhys and the Llangower lands had probably been passed down through them as part of the land held by Sir Robert ap Rhys under the Abbey of Basingwork. Howel or his grandson Cadwaladr secured other lands in Llanycil later, probably a leasehold.

   “c) Robert ap Rhys and his parents, Rhys ‘Fawr’ ap Meredydd and his wife Lowry, have effigies on their tombs pictured in Welsh Founders of Pennsylvania. Rhys Fawr was of Plas Iolyn (a ruin also photographed in Welsh Founders) and was one of the Lancastrian Captains at Bosworth Field on the Lancastrian side. He was entrusted by Henry VII with the Standard of England after Sir William Brandon was slain. Rhys was steward of the Abbey of Aberconwy, a position he inherited from his father Meredydd ap Tudor.”2

   “Howard Jenkins (1897): Robert Cadwalader, a man advanced in years, from one of the northern counties in Wales, immigrated with his wife (whose name is not definitely known) and three sons and a daughter (two sons having previously come), and settled about 1700, at Gwynedd. Both he and his wife suvived their removal but a few years.

   “History of the congregation of the Old Chapel, Llanuwchllyn, By R. T. Jenkins , (1937 ) - Page 28. It translates as follows - ‘It is interesting , while passing, to note the ones (reference to the Quakers) that went from Llanuwchllyn and Llangywer in these emigrations from 1682 - 1710. One of the emigrants was Robert Cadwaladr “of Llanuwchllyn” who was decended from the lineage of the Prices from Rhiwlas. His great grandfather had a home in Llangywer and his grandfather after him; his father Cadwaladr ap Robert had land in the parish of Llanycil as well, but it was not before the time of Robert Cadwaladr himself that we hear about Llanuwchllyn. Robert Cadwaladr married Jane, the daughter of [John ap Evan of] Penmaen in Llanycil - she belonging to a family of nobility. They had several children, and some of them were baptised in Llanuwchllyn, some in Llangower and others in Llanycil. In 1698 Cadwaladr, their eldest son (who was born in 1673 and was baptised in Llanuwchllyn) went across to Pennsylvania and his brother Morris with him; and in 1700 they were followed not only by two other brothers and their sister Elizabeth, but also by the old man their father. Like Robert Owen of Dolserau, Robert Cadwaladr died in America after a short time.’ (contributed by Elfed Owen).

   “Elfed Owen also contributes the following information: Jane John’s father, John ap Evan of Penmaen left a will written Aug 1696., He left legacies to son Cadwalader John, Griffith John, Wm John, Rowland John, Gwen John , Catherine John and wife Margaret. Exec Gwen John (widow) and son in law Robert Cadwaladr of Llanuwchllyn. John ap Evan's son Cadwalader John of Llanycil, Bala also left a will written March 1723 - legacies left to sister Gwen John Evan and to brother in law Robert Cadwalader of Llanuwchllyn and to Cadwalader John's wife. This shows that Robert Cadwalader is alive in 1723 and living in Wales, perhaps never having emigrated to America. However this is in conflict with Howard Jenkins’ notation of the marriage certificates of his children which calls him Robert Cadwalader deceased in the 1710s. There is also a Jane John whose death is recorded in the Llanuwchllyn parish records in 1695 who may or may not be the wife of Robert Cadwalader (which would explain why she is left out of her father's will but is again in conflict with Jenkins). Robert Cadwalader and Jane's children (as listed below) are all recorded in the parish records except for Nicholas. This makes the conflicts difficult to resolve. The possibility exists that there may be two Robert Cadwaladers. In any case the wife of the one whose children go to Pennsylvania appears to be named Jane.”2

Robert may have died in Gwynedd, PA before 1720 or in Llanuwchllyn, Merionethshire, Wales in 1740.2

Ca 1672 when Robert was 22, he married Jane John1, daughter of John ap Evan, in Wales. Born ca 1650 in Wales.2

Possibly died in Wales.2

They had the following children:

2 i. Cadwalader (ca1673-1731)

3 ii. Margaret (ca1675-)

4 iii. Morris (ca1677-)

5 iv. John (ca1678-)

6 v. John (ca1681-1772)

7 vi. Nicholas (ca1688-1733)

8 vii. Rowland (ca1685-1749)

9 viii. Elizabeth (ca1688-1777)

Second Generation 


Family of Robert Cadwalder (1) & Jane John

2. Cadwalader Roberts (Robert Cadwalder1).1 Born ca 1673 in Penllyn, Wales.1,2 or Llanuwchllyn. Cadwalader died in Gwynedd, PA, on 7 Jul 1731; he was 58.1 5 mo 7.

Removed to Gwynedd, PA in 1698. “Grantee, 1710, of 140 a. land from Robert John, on or near site of borough of North Wales.” Died of smallpox. Will administered to widow Eleanor 31 May 1731. “He was a man esteemed for his benevolence, and an elegy written at the time of his death is preserved in Jenkin’s ‘Gwynedd,’ p. 188”1

   “Historical Collections of Gwynedd by H.M. Jenkins, (1897): ‘Cadwalader Roberts, eldest son of Robert Cadwalader, b. in Wales, in 1673, immigrated, probably, in 1698, and settled in Gwynedd. In 1710, he bought land, 140 acres, of Robert John, on or closely adjoining the site of the borough of North Wales. All the accounts and traditions describe him as a man highly esteemed for his benevolence. He m. 4th mo. 9, 1714, Eleanor Ellis (b. 8th mo. 17, 1693), dau. of Humphrey and Jane Ellis, of Merion (she is called in the marriage certificate Ellin Humphrey), and he (Cadwalader) d. 3d mo., 7, 1731, of small pox at Gwynedd. His estate was settled by his widow as administratrix, letters being issued to her, dated May 31, 1731. Eleanor m. a second time, Rowland Hugh, of Gwynedd and d. 1755. Burial: May 09, 1731.

   “ ‘His name first appears on a marriage certificate 22 Mar 1699 which leads us to believe he came over with brother Morris on the ‘Robert and Elizabeth’ in 1698 with the other early Gwynedd settlers. However there is no record of him owning land until 1710 [see comment by JQ below]. His name is on the subscription paper for building a new meeting house built in 1712 at Gwynedd.

   “ ‘Abstract of the marriage certificate: Cadwallader Roberts, Gwynedd, yeoman m. Ellen Humphrey, Merion at the dwelling place of Rowland Ellis, 4th mo 9, 1714. Wit: Morris, Nicholas, John, Rowland, Evan, Ellis and Eliza Roberts; John Humphrey and 53 others. His marriage took place in Rowland Ellis’ house in Merion, afterwards the house of Charles Thomson, Secretary of the Continental Congress.’

   “JQ: Cadwallader Roberts may have bought land from Robert Evans near the Meeting House before 1707 as can be seen by the deed of land from Robert Evans to John Davies in 1707: DEED POLL: 20 Dec 1706. ROBERT ap EVAN (signed ROBERT EVAN) of Gwynedd, yeoman, to JOHN DIAVIES (also Davis) same place, carpenter. Piece of land adj. said ROBERT ap EVAN, CADWALLADER ROBERTS, OWEN EVAN, CADWALLADER EVAN; cont. 200 acres. 90 pds. PA money. Part of a tract of 1034 acres which the present Commissioners of Wm. Penn granted by patent, 15 Mar 1702/3, to said ROBERT ap EVAN, said land being in Gwynedd. (Patent Book A vol. 2 p. 477) Wits: CADWALLADER EVAN, DAVID LLOYD, RICHARD HEATH. book E 3, vol. 6 p. 121.”2

On 9 Jun 1714 when Cadwalader was 41, he married Eleanor Humphrey1, daughter of Humphrey Ellis & Jane David, in Merion, PA.1,2 4 mo 9; home of Rowland Ellis. Born on 17 Oct 1693.1 8 mo 17. Eleanor died in 1755; she was 61.1

They had the following children:

10 i. Rebecca (1715-1795)

11 ii. Robert (1719-1760)

3. Margaret Roberts (Robert Cadwalder1).1 Born ca 1675.

Died young.1

Recorded in Llanuwchllyn Parish records.2

4. Morris Roberts (Robert Cadwalder1).1 Born ca 1677 in Penllyn, Wales.1,2 Llanycil. Morris died in North Carolina.2 probably.

Removed to Gwynedd, PA 1698. In 1734 he removed to North Carolina.1

   “Howard Jenkins (1897): ‘Morris Roberts, son of Robert Cadwalader, b. in Wales, immigrated, probably with his brother Cadwalader, about 1698, settled in Gwynedd (where he was, from the entries in Ellis Roberts’ memorandum book, as early as 1704), m. 2d mo. 18, 1718, Elizabeth Robeson of Abington. In 1734, he applied to Gwynedd Monthly meeting for a certificate to remove to North Carolina, and probably went there. This is a very early date to move to North Carolina, as the Piedmont was not yet settled. Morris Roberts is on the 1734 Philadelphia County tax list for Gwynedd township.’

   “Some excerpts from the Gwynedd MM minutes:

   “ ‘At Our Monthly Meeting held at Gwynedd the 25th 1st mo 1718: 3rd, Application made in behalf of Morris Robert for a Certificate in Order to proceed in Marriage with Elizabeth Robeson on belonging to Abington Monthly Meeting who requesting it might be prepared and signed by the Appointment of this Meeting: Giving his reasons viz that two Monthly Meetings fall out at Abington before our Next, this Meeting after Consideration condescends, and Appoints Evan Evans and Hugh Foulk to make Necessary Inquiry and write one - the Same to be signed by the order of this Meeting by Owen Evans, Cadwalader Evans, Robert Jones, John Humphrey, Abram Dawes and Meredith David and the Friends Appointed to Draw the Same.

   “Women's minutes (28, 3mo. 1734): ‘the case of Morris Robert and his wife acquainted frds here of his inclination of removeing himself wife and familie to Carolina - this Meeting thinks proper to appoint Ann Robert and Alce Griffith further to consult their case together with the men frds.’ Considering that the children are found in the Gwynedd area after this date, they may not have made this move.

   “Note: If Morris Roberts ever owned land in Gwynedd, I have not seen any evidence of it. (JQ) This is likely a cause of him wanting to remove to Carolina and the removal of most of his children to Oley and elsewhere. Of the first (1698) settlers Morris and his brother Cadwallader are unusual in not owning land in the 1702 resurvey and must have improved and worked on the land of others. Morris Robert(s) signs the following marriage certificates: David Jones, Gwynedd m. Lowry Robert, of same, at Gwynedd m.h. 9th mo. 24, 1704; John Roberts of Oxford, Philadelphia Co. and Elizabeth Edward of Meirion, 7,6 mo.,1706; Thomas Edward s/o Alexander of Montgomery, dec’d m. Mary Price, Gwynedd, spinster, at Gwynedd mh 7th mo 23, 1715; Nicholas Roberts ‘son of Robert Cadwalader late of Gwynedd in the County of Philadelphia and the Province of Pennsylvania Deceased’ m. Margaret Foulke d/o Edward, yeoman at Gwynedd mh 3rd mo 23, 1717; Daniel Morgan s/o Edward ‘adjacent of Gwynedd,’ yeoman m. Elizabeth Roberts, d/o Robert Cadwallader ‘late of Gwynedd aforesaid,’ at Gwynedd mh 9th mo 21, 1718. Morris always signs after Cadwallader and before Nicholas and John.”2

“Morris Roberts, of Gwynedd Twp. and Elizabeth Robins of Abington md. 15th da, 3rd mo, 1718.”3

On 18 Apr 1718 when Morris was 41, he married Elizabeth Robeson1, in Abington Twp., Montgomery Co, PA.1,2 2 mo 18; 3 mo 15 per Meldrum.

Of Abington, PA.1

They had the following children:

12 i. Susanna (ca1718-1789)

13 ii. Hannah (ca1727-)

14 iii. Sophia (ca1730-)

15 iv. Lydia (-1787)

16 v. Morris

17 vi. Nehemiah (-1802)

5. John Roberts (Robert Cadwalder1).1 Born ca 1678.

Died as infant.1

6. John Roberts (Robert Cadwalder1)5, 564. Born ca 1681 in Penllyn, Wales.1 John died in Montgomery Twp, Montgomery Co., PA, in 1772; he was 91.1,2 1773 per Glenn.

Of Montgomery.5

Removed to Gwynedd, PA. “He d. at Montgomery (having remd. there from Oxford).” Will dated 5 mo 15, 1763, proved 30 Sep 1773.1

   “Llanycil PR. Baptisms: (apparently there is an earlier John who dies in infancy) John s/o Robert Cadwaladr and Jane -- ? January 1678; John s/o Robert Cadwaladr of Penybryn Isa -- 11 September 1681.

   “Clarence Roberts (1940): John Roberts, son of Cadwalader; b. abt 1677 in Wales, d. 1772 in Montgomery township, Philadelphia Co., PA; m. 6-7-1706 (presumably at Merion MH) Elizabeth Edward dau. of William Edward of Merion. John Roberts emigrated with his parents from Wales. He settled at first in Oxford township, Philadelphia county, where he was living at the time of his marriage; but in 1711, he was living in Montgomery twp., when he signed a petition for the legal settling of the route of a road to the mills on the Pennypack.

   “Howard Jenkins (1897): John Roberts, of Montgomery, son of Robert Cadwalader, b. abt 1677, d. 1773, immigrated, from Wales, with his parents. He settled first in Oxford twp., Philadelphia, and while there m. 6th mo. 7, 1706, Elizabeth Edward, of Merion. He subsequently removed to Montgomery, and his name is attached in 1711, to a petition of Gwynedd and Montgomery residents for the legal settling of the route of a road to the mills on Pennypack. His will, dated 5th mo. 15, 1763, was proved Sept 30, 1773.”2

   “About the Marriage Certificate (Haverford, now Radnor MM records):

   “The related men sign directly below the bride and groom: Caddr Roberts, Morris Roberts, Nicolas Roberts, Ellis Lewis, Wm Edward, Evan Robert, John Robert, Ellis Robert, Wm Robert, David Jones, Edwd William, Rowland Roberts, David Hugh, John Roberts, Evan Griffith, David Gethin, Owen Morris, Richd Jones

   “The related women sign the column to the left of the one above: Jane Lewis, Jane Roberts, Jane Evan, Jane Jones, Anne Jones, Ellin Jones, Anne Lewis, Grace ffoulke, Jane Roberts, Sarah William, Esther Roberts, Jane Evan, Cath Evan, Gainor Roberts, Jane Roberts, Eliza: Hugh, Eliza: Jones, Mary Jones, Jane Jones, Mary Morris, Anne Thomas, Eliza: Thomas

   “The John, Ellis and Wm Robert (no s at the end) are probably brothers and not necessarily related to John Roberts. Evan Robert is thought to be from yet another family (he is a 1698 settler of Gwynedd and the son of Robert Ellis -- the Ellis Robert could be his brother instead of the the brother of John and Wm). His sisters are supposed to be named Margaret and Elizabeth, but no one of those names signs. Instead we have Jane Lewis (a sister married to Ellis Lewis perhaps?), two more Jane Roberts and an Esther and a Gainor Roberts. There is no Robert Cadwalader or Jane Cadwalader. After 1715 (later than this marriage) Welsh women at Gwynedd always use their husband’s last name as far as I am aware.

   “I know of no document in Pennsylvania containing Robert Cadwalader’s name. His coming over with a wife seems in Jenkins’ book to be family tradition. If he came to Pennsylvania, it appears he returned to Wales.2

1735/6 document: “Release, William Erwin and Rebecca Erwin received from John Roberts and John Jones their share of the personal estate of Cadwalader Roberts, father of Rebecca Erwin, n.p., 2d day of (illegible) month, 1735/6.” Cadwalader is John’s brother.6

1736 document: “Receipt, Rees Thomas of Merion, yeoman, to John Roberts, yeoman, in payment for land he bought in Whitpaine Township, June 18, 1736.  With note added, 1737.” Could this be the land that son John settled? Or is the John mentioned actually John, Jr., who was 22 in 1736?

1740 document: “Discharge, Robert Roberts from John Roberts and John Jones, Trustees of the said Robert Roberts, his lawful part of the estate of Cadwalader Roberts, his deceased father, November 24, 1740.”6

“WILL of John Roberts of Montgomery township, Co. of Philadelphia, yeoman

   “To my grandson John Jones, tract of land on which he now lives, in Montgomery, he paying to his brother Evan Jones, 60 pounds.

   “To my son John Roberts, a tract of land adjoining the before-devised land, containing 162 acres, he paying 60 pounds to my grandson Evan Jones, and 30 pounds to my grandson John Roberts.

   “To my dau. Elizabeth Blair, bed and furniture and I discount with her for all bonds;

   “To my granddau. Jane McKinley, two obligations due from John McKinley to me.

   “To my grandchildren Elizabeth, Ruth, Sarah, Ann, Jane, Mary and Job Roberts, Margaret, Elinor, Ann Jones, and Jonathan Blair, 5 pounds each.

   “To the Trustees of the Hospital at Philadelphia, 5 pounds.

   “My John Roberts to pay my dau. Elizabeth Blair 2 pounds, 10 shillings yearly during her natural life, ‘except the place that she lived on formerly comes to her.’

   “To my son John Roberts, residue of my estate.

   “Executor: My son, John Roberts

   “Overseers: Isaac Jones and Eldad Roberts

   “Dated May 15, 1763, proved 30 Sept. 1772.

   “Wits. Wm. Foulke, Jacob Edge

   “Philadelphia Co., Will Book P, page 308”2

“As will be noticed from the dates of his birth and death, John lived to be over ninety years of age.”2

On 7 Aug 1706 when John was 25, he married Elizabeth Jones5,2, 565, daughter of John ap Edward, in prob. Merion, PA.1 6 mo 7. Born ca 1684 in Wales.2 Elizabeth died in Montgomery Twp, Montgomery Co., PA, on 12 Aug 1745; she was 61.2

Of Merion, PA.1

Burial records of Merion give name as Elizabeth Edward, but Quinn has Elizabeth Jones.2

“Charles Henry Browning (Welsh Settlement of Pennsylvania) makes Elizabeth Jones (or Edwards) the daughter of John ap Edward (brother of William ap Edward):

   “ ‘Elizabeth Jones, first child, born 18 12mo 1671. She married after 22 May 1699, John ap Robert ap Cadwalader, or John Roberts of the Gwynedd settlement. They were the founders of the Roberts family of Woodlawn plantation in Whitpain township, Montgomery county, Pensylvania.’ Browning has a great deal to say about her father, John ap Edward. John ap Edward came to Merion, Pennsylvania in 1683 and was a member of the Free Traders of Pennsylvania, and a fairly wealthy, educated man. He died about a year after his arrival, leaving his minor son Edward Jones his heir.

   “Browning is undoubtedly correct about her parentage, in that William ap Edward (who Thomas Allen Glenn thought was Elizabeth’s father in Welsh Founders of Pennsylvania) left a will making clear that his daughter Elizabeth Williams married Thomas Lloyd. The father of William ap Edward and John ap Edward was Edward ap John of Cynlas, near Bala, Merionethshire, Wales. The kinship between Elizabeth and William ap Edward is established by his signing her marriage certificate immediately after John Robert's brothers.”2

They had the following children:

18 i. Elizabeth (1707-)

19 ii. Mordecai (1709-1745)

20 iii. Jane

21 iv. John (1714-1801)

7. Nicholas Roberts (Robert Cadwalder1).1 Born ca 1688 in Penllyn, Wales.1,2 Nicholas died in Gwynedd, PA, in 1733; he was 45.1

Removed to Gwynedd, PA after 1698. Will adminstered by Evan Foulke and John Roberts 14 Apr 1733.1

“Nicholas Roberts son of Robert Cadwalader late of Gwynedd in the County of Philadelphia dec'd m. Margaret Foulke daughter of Edward, yeoman at Gwynedd mh 3rd mo 23, 1717. Signed with marks above column 1. Column 1: Edward Foulke, Ellin Foulke, Caddr Robertrs, Morris Roberts, John Roberts, Rowland Roberts, Thomas Foulke, Cadd Foulke, Evan Foulke, Evan Pugh, Evan Roberts, John Robert, Ellis Robert, Wm Robert, Ellis Hugh, Thomas Williams; Col 2. Eliz Roberts, Grace Griffith, Ellin Roberts, Jane Jones, Anne Bate, Jane Jones, Jane Evans, Eliz Roberts, Ellin Hugh, Ellin Roberts, Margaret Pugh, Jane Lewis, Lowery Jones, Eliz Roberts, Catherine Williams, Ellin Evans, Gainor Jones, Sarah Harr?, Ellin Evans; Col 3. Thomas Evan, Ellis Pugh, Hugh Griffith, Robert Evan, John Cadwalader, Owen Evan, Cadr Evan, Robert Jones, Thomas WIlliams, John Humphrey, Ellin Lewis, Owen Robert, Rowland Hugh, Hugh, Robert, John Robert, Ellis Pugh, John Jones, Caddr Evans, John Evans.”2

“JQ: Nicholas signs marriage certificates after Cadwallader and Morris but before Rowland, indicating he may be the third oldest brother and therefore born about 1679. He is the only brother whose baptism was not found in the Welsh parish registries.”2

“Nicholas Roberts, son of Robert Cadwaller of Gwynedd, dec’d and Margaret Foulke, dau of George Foulke 23rd da, 3rd mo, 1717 having consent of parents.”3

On 23 May 1717 when Nicholas was 29, he first married Margaret Foulke1, daughter of Edward Foulke & Eleanor Hugh, in Gwynedd, PA.1,2 3 mo 23. Born in 1688 in Coed-Y-Foel, Llanderfel, Merionethshire, Wales.2 Margaret died in Pennsylvania.2

According to marriage record with Nicholas Roberts, her father is George Foulke.3

They had the following children:

22 i. Jane (1718-1790)

23 ii. Ellen (1721-)

24 iii. Elizabeth (1723-1790)

On 7 Nov 1728 when Nicholas was 40, he second married Gaynor Bowen2,1, in Gwynedd, PA.1 9 mo 7. Born ca 1686.2

Of Willstown, PA. She was a widow.1

Bowen = ap Owen.2

8. Rowland Roberts (Robert Cadwalder1).1 Born ca 1685 in Penllyn, Wales.1,2 or Bala, Merionethshire. Rowland died in Montgomery Twp, Montgomery Co., PA, on 22 Sep 1749; he was 64.1 7 mo 22.

Removed to Gwynedd, PA. He “was a minister among friends.” Will 7 mo 12, 1749, proved 10 Oct 1749.1

   “He immigrated from Wales about 1700. He was a minister amongst Friends and visited Wales as a preacher. He established a tavern in Montgomery twp. His will is dated 12 Jul 1749 and was probated Oct 1749. He leaves to daughter in law Hannah Jones two small plots of land with the stipulation that she does not set up a competing tavern. He also mentions daughter in law Mary Davis, and son in law James Williams. His son Eldad was appointed executor. His tavern was located on the east corner of Bethlehem Pike and Upper State Rd. (now a gas station, diagonally across from the Mall). A competing tavern, owned by the Bartholomew family stood across Upper State Rd. where Kinkos now is. The first school in Montgomery twp. was on land donated by Rowland Roberts in 1727. He also owned the land across Bethlehem Pike where the Methodist Church used to be.

   “Will abstract:  ROBERTS, ROWLAND. Mountgomery, Co. of Philadelphia. Yeoman. 7 mo. 12, 1749/50. October 10, 1749. J.176. Daughters-in-Law: Hannah Jones (2 small lots of land, one being on the Great Road opposite the tavern erected on my premises; the other between another road and Joseph Ambler's house) and Mary Davis (I devise the same to my dau in law Mary Davis). Son-in-Law: James Williams (one dun filly). Son Eldad the plantation I now live, except the two lots; also two old working horses, a mare and remainder of time of a servant lad called James Bryan, he to pay my wife Anne Roberts 100 lbs. Wife Anne all personal estate, she to live where we now live; to have firewood. Exec: Eldad Roberts. Wit: George Lewis (his mark), Joseph Ambler, John Evans.”2

On 1 May 1713 when Rowland was 28, he first married Mary Pugh1, daughter of Robert Hugh & Sarah Evan, in Gwynedd, PA.1,2 3 mo 1. Born ca 1693 in Wales.2 Mary died in Montgomery Twp, Montgomery Co., PA, on 2 Feb 1716; she was 23.2 1715/6.

“Mary, wife of Rowland Roberts bur. 4th da, 12th mo, 1716.”3

They had the following children:

25 i. Eldad (1714-1789)

26 ii. Sarah (1716-)

Ca 1720 when Rowland was 35, he second married Ann Lewis2.2 Born ca 1677.2 Ann died on 4 Nov 1750; she was 73.2

Of Abington, PA.1

Ann Roberts was a highly active and admired minister. Quinn includes extensive records of her life as recorded in The Friend and Larson’s “Daughters of the Light: Quaker Women Preaching and Prophesying in the Colonies and Abroad 1700-1715.”2

“Will of Anne Roberts of Gwynedd, Co. Philadelphia, Widow:

   “To my granddau. Sarah Davis, 5pounds, and feather-bed.

   “To my granddau. Mary Williams, 5pounds, a case of drawers, best coverlid, and one new blanket.

   “To my granddau. Ann Jones, 10pounds.

   “To my grandchildren: Anne, Daniel, Hannah and Priscilla (children of John Davis), 20pounds, equally divided.

   “To my grandchildren: Hezekiah, Humphrey, Martha, Priscilla and Hannah, the children of James Williams, 25 pounds, equally divided.

   “To my eldest son William Williams, 5 pounds.

   “To my son-in-law Eldad Roberts, 5 pounds out of the legacy left me by my deceased husband.

   “To my children: William, Daniel, James, Mary and Hannah, 90 pounds, part of the legacy left me by my deceased husband, to be equally divided; my son William's part to be paid to my son Daniel, to supply his brother William necessities.

   “Residue to my son-in-law John Davis, he to be executor.

   “Overseers: My friend John Jones, carpenter, and my son Daniel Williams.

   “Dated 10-30-1749; pr. July 2, 1750.

   “Wits.: William Jones, Jesse Morgan, John Evans.

   “[Phila. Will Book "I", p.277.]--Roberts p. 16

   “In his book, Clarence Roberts notes several times the use of the term "son-in-law" to mean step-son as well as son-in-law. This happens above when Anne Roberts refers to Eldad Roberts, the son of Rowland Roberts and therefore her step-son, as her son-in-law.”2

9. Elizabeth Roberts (Robert Cadwalder1).1 Born ca 1688 in Wales. Elizabeth died on 14 Nov 1777; she was 89.1,2

   “Notes for ELIZABETH ROBERTS: A minister amongst Friends. As such, she traveled to most of the meetings of Friends in Pennsylvania, and some of the adjacent colonies. She also visited most of the meeting in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Elizabeth Morgan is mentioned frequently in the women's minutes of Gwynedd Monthly Meeting beginning in 1730 when she is among those who visit Friends’ families. In the 1740s, ‘An epistle from our frd Elizabeth Morgan traveling in Great Brittain was read to the satisfaction of friends,’ and later, ‘att our Monthly Meeting held at Gwynedd the 24th day of the 11 mo 1746, Our friend Elizabeth Morgan being by the good providence of God safely returned from her travels in truth’s service, beyond seas, produced 3 certificates att this meeting - one from Ireland, another from London a third from Wales, which were read to the comfort and satisfaction of frds.’

   “ ‘Att our Monthly meeting of women friends, held att Gwynedd the 30th of 7th 1718: Dannell Morgan and Eliza Roberts Declared their intention of marriage with each other the first time. This meeting appoints Jane Evans and Gainor Jones to inspect into her Clearness and Conversation and bring in their account to the next meeting.

   “ ‘Att our monthly meeting of friends held att Gwynedd the 28th of 8th mo 1718: Danell Morgan and Elizabeth Roberts Declared their intention of marriage with each other the second time Care approved of Jane Evans & Gainor Jones are appointed to see their marriage accomplished according to order and bring report to the next meeting.’

   “Marriage Certificate [abstract]: Daniel Morgan s/o Edward ‘adjacent Gwynedd,’ yeoman m. Elizabeth Roberts, d/o Robert Cadwallader dec’d of Gwynedd, at Gwynedd mh 9th mo 21, 1718. Wit: Edward Morgan, William Morgan, John Morgan, Morgan Morgan, Joseph Morgan, Cadwalader Roberts, Morris Roberts, Nicholas Roberts, Jno Roberts, Rowland Roberts, Samuel Thomas, Jenkin Evans, Griffith William, Will Dennis, Lewis Williams., Women sign middle column: Elizabeth Morgan, Elinor Roberts, Jane Evan, Jane Evan, Alse Evan, Sarah Morgan, Elizabeth Robert, Elizabeth Rbts, Dorothy Morgan, Elizabeth Morris, Margaret Thomas, Sarah David, Mary Hammer, Elinor Rbts, Jane Roberts.”2

On 21 Nov 1718 when Elizabeth was 30, she married Daniel Morgan1, son of Edward Morgan & Elizabeth Jarman, in Gwynedd, PA.1 9 mo 21. Born in 1691 in Moyamensing, Philadelphia Co., PA.1,2 Daniel died on 6 Jul 1773; he was 82.1,2 7 mo 6; 29 Jun per Quinn.

He was “a minister amongst friends.”2

“Daniel Morgan, son of Edward Morgan of Gwyedd, Philadelphia Co. and Elizabeth Roberts, dau of Robert Dadwallader md. 21st da, 9th mo, 1718 having consent of parents.”3

They had the following children:

27 i. Benjamin (1719-1760)

28 ii. Ruth (1721->1784)

Third Generation 


Family of Cadwalader Roberts (2) & Eleanor Humphrey

10. Rebecca Roberts (Cadwalader2, Robert Cadwalder1).1 Born on 14 May 1715 in Gwynedd, PA.1,2 3 mo 14. Rebecca died in Dec 1795; she was 80.1 12 mo.

On 13 Jan 1736 when Rebecca was 20, she married William Erwin1, in Gwynedd, PA.1,2 11 mo 3, 1735/6, per Glenn. Born ca 1710 in Pennsylvania.2 William died in Montgomery Co., PA, in Nov 1793; he was 83.2

Of North Wales, PA.1

Name usually spelled Arwyn or Arwen in Gwynedd MM records.2

“William Erwin of Gwynedd, Philadelphia Co. and Rebecca Roberts, dau of Cadawaller Roberts, dec’d md. 13th da, 11th mo, 1735/6 having consent of parents.”3

11. Robert Roberts (Cadwalader2, Robert Cadwalder1).7,1 Born on 18 Dec 1719 in Gwynedd, PA.1,2 10 mo 18. Robert died in Gwynedd, PA, in 1760; he was 40.1,2 Buried in Gwynedd, PA.2 Gwynedd Meeting. Occupation: carpenter.8

Of Gwynedd.7

“Robert Roberts, son of Cadwalder Roberts of Gwynedd, Philadelphia Co. and Sarah Ambler, dau of Joseph Ambler, of same place md. 11th da, 11th mo, 1742/3 haing consent of parents.”3

Of Gwynedd, PA. Will dated 8 mo 14, 1760, proved 29 Dec 1760.1

“ROBERTS, ROBERT.  Gwynedd, Co. of Philadelphia.  Carpenter.  

August 14, 1760.  October 29, 1760.  L.541.

Wife: Sarah.  

Children: Ellin, Cadwalader, Joseph, Ann Mary and Hannah.  

Brother-in-Law: Edward Ambler.  

Cousins and Guardians: John and Eldad Roberts. 

Wit: Samuel Evans, George Maris.”

On 11 Jan 1743 when Robert was 23, he married Sarah Ambler7,2,1, daughter of Joseph Ambler & Ann Williams, in Gwynedd, PA.1 11 mo 11, 1742. Born on 25 Jul 1721 in Pennsylvania.2

They had the following children:

29 i. Ellin

30 ii. Cadwallader (1743-1816)

31 iii. Joseph (-1799)

32 iv. Ann Mary (1745-1823)

33 v. Hannah

Family of Morris Roberts (4) & Elizabeth Robeson

12. Susanna Roberts (Morris2, Robert Cadwalder1).1 Born ca 1718 in Gwynedd, PA.2 Susanna died on 15 Dec 1789; she was 71.2

On 22 Mar 1754 when Susanna was 36, she married Zacob Zimmerman1, son of Jacob Zimmerman & Sabilla Van Fossen.2 Born ca 1714 in Worcester Twp., Montgomery Co, PA.2 Zacob died in Montgomery Co., PA, on 14 Mar 1796; he was 82.2

Of Worcester, PA.1

13. Hannah Roberts (Morris2, Robert Cadwalder1).1 Born ca 1727 in Gwynedd, PA.2

They “ ‘removed to back country.’”1

Married out of Meeting, “contrary to our discipline” [Gwynedd MM 7 mo 29, 1747].2

Ca 1746 when Hannah was 19, she married William Howe1.2 Born ca 1725.2

14. Sophia Roberts (Morris2, Robert Cadwalder1).1 Born ca 1730 in Gwynedd, PA.2 Sophia died in Oley Twp., Berks Co., PA.2

“The family remd. to Olney...”1

In Nov 1753 when Sophia was 23, she married John Cadwalader1, son of John Cadwalader & Ellen John.2 Born on 27 May 1721 in Pennsylvania.1,2 3 mo 27. John died in Oley Twp., Berks Co., PA.2

15. Lydia Roberts (Morris2, Robert Cadwalder1).1 Born in Gwynedd, PA.2 Lydia died on 4 Apr 1787 in Pikeland, Uwchlan Twp., Chester Co., PA.2

Ca 1750 Lydia married Joseph Jones1.2 Born in England.2 Joseph died in 1793 in Pikeland, Uwchlan Twp., Chester Co., PA.2

16. Morris Roberts (Morris2, Robert Cadwalder1).1

Died young.1

17. Nehemiah Roberts (Morris2, Robert Cadwalder1).1 Nehemiah died in Jul 1802 in Whitpain, PA.2 at “Squire” Job Robert’s place. Buried on 9 Jul 1802.1 7 mo 9.

Died unmarried.1

Family of John Roberts (6) & Elizabeth Jones

18. Elizabeth Roberts (John2, Robert Cadwalder1).1 Born on 15 Aug 1707 in Gwynedd, PA.1,2 6 mo 15.

   “Mentioned in her father's will to receive an annuity of 2 pounds, 10 shillings, but this is to cease if the place she formerly lived in comes to her possession again. Her husband John Jones received 100 acres of land in Montgomery in her father's will and her children are also mentioned.

   “I can find no mention of this marriage in the Gwynedd Monthly Meeting records so far. It is likely this is one of the John Jones who was disowned by Gwynedd Meeting.”2

On 15 Apr 1731 when Elizabeth was 23, she first married John Jones1, in Philadelphia Co., PA.1,2 2 mo 15, 1730/1; ca 1730 per Quinn. John died in 1748 in Worcester Twp., Montgomery Co, PA.2

   “In the 1734 Philadelphia Co. tax list there are two possibilities for this John Jones in Gwynedd township, John Jones, penman [this is the son of William John, LINE 2] and John Jones, weaver. There are no John Jones listed in Montgomery, Worcester or Whitpain townships that could be him on the 1734 tax list (John Jones, carpenter, in Montgomery is the man in LINE 3 who married Jane Edward).

   “Will abstract for JOHN JONES, Worcester, County of Philadelphia. February 24, 1747/8. Proved April 6, 1748. Philadelphia Co. will book G.231.

Wife: Elizabeth. Children: Mordecai and John.

Exec: Elizabeth and Mordecai Jones.

Wit: John Roberts, William Fox (his mark) and Robt. Woodman.”2

They had the following children:

34 i. Jane (ca1735-)

35 ii. John

36 iii. Mordecai (ca1740-1818)

37 iv. Evan

38 v. Margaret

39 vi. Ellen

40 vii. Ann

Ca 1750 when Elizabeth was 42, she second married John Blair1.2

They had one child:

41 i. Jonathan (ca1752-)

19. Mordecai Roberts (John2, Robert Cadwalder1).1 Born on 22 Mar 1709.1 1 mo 22. Mordecai died in Gwynedd, PA, on 4 Aug 1745; he was 36.1,2 6 mo 4. Buried on 3 Aug 1745 in Gwynedd, PA.3 6 mo 3.

Died in the epidemic of 1745.2

“Mordecai, son of John and Elizabeth Roberts, bur. 3rd da, 6th mo, 1745.”3

20. Jane Roberts (John2, Robert Cadwalder1).1

Died unmarried.1

21. John Roberts (John2, Robert Cadwalder1)3,4, 282. Born on 28 Jul 1714 in Philadelphia Co., PA.1,2 5th mo. 28. John died in Whitpain, PA, on 4 Dec 1801; he was 87.4 10th mo. 4.

“Cadwalader Foulke on recording his death called him John Roberts Cadwalader.....His land was located on the Pennlyn Pike adjacent Morris Road.”2

“The ancestry of Robert ap Cadwalader is unknown. He was one of the early settlers of Gwynedd, and his son, John Roberts, who married Elizabeth, daughter of the Merion settler, (5) John ap Edward, of whom elsewhere, was the founder of the Roberts family of ‘Woodlawn’ plantation, Whitpain tp., Montgomery Co., Pa., where seven successive generations of Roberts blood have resided. On this property is another stone mansion, erected in 1715, according to the date-stone, called “Woodlawn Farm,” which was the home of (9) Job Roberts, who was known as ‘the Pennsylvania farmer,’ and was the pioneer of scientific farming, on which subject he published a book in 1804.”9

“John Roberts of Montgomery, Philadelphia Co. and Jane Hank, dau of John Hank of Whitemarsh of same county md. 30th da, ?, 1736 having consent of parents.”3

1749: Inventoried estate of John Philip Boehm of Whitpain with John Jemison and William Foulke [Rev. John Philip Boehm by Henry Sassaman Dotterer, Google Books.

1755 document: “Receipt, John Kriter(?) to Inhabitants of Whitpaine Township for carrying load from Philadelphia to Wells Creek for the King's use, June 6, 1755.  Receipt, John Kriter to John Roberts and Phillip Bame in full of all accounts against the above township, July 2, 1755. On verso, ‘By cash Lent to The Township of Whitpaine by John Roberts, August 23, 1755.’”6

1758 document: “Memorandum of an agreement between Tacy Morris and Sam’l Morris, Executors of the estate of Daniel Morris, and John Roberts for sale of 92 acres of land, Whitpaine Township, April 10, 1758. (in two pieces).”6

1758 document: “Receipts, Tacy Morris to John Roberts for first and second payments due on land, n.p., April 29, 1758.”6

1760 document: “Bond, William Murray, currier, Montgomery township, to John Roberts, Senr, Whitpaine township, Philadelphia County, October 1, 1760.  On back: receipts for interest, 1761-1763.”6

1762 document: “Account of mending the roads and highways in Whitpain Township, June 3, 1762 to December 10, 1762. Contains list of names of residents and amounts. Includes amount to John Roberts for assessing and drawing the duplicate and getting the same rectified before two Justices of the Peace.”6

   “[NOTE: ‘Whereas, John Roberts being chosen Supervisor in the township of Whitpain by the direction of an Act of Assembly of this province in March, 1762, and Barnabas Coulston, in the township of Plymouth, the said townships being made in one district by said act, and to act in conjunction in all expenses on public roades and highways in said district, The said townships being nearly equal burthend with roades, and the inhabitants of each township near as equal in number and ability to maintain the said roads, doth rather chuse to set separately, and for the better confirmation the said John Roberts, of Whitpain, doth hereby discharge and acquit the said Barnabas Coulston, of Plymouth, of all and every charge and expense of what kind soever of all roades in the Township of Whitpain.’

    ‘Signed by order of the Inhabitants of Whitpain, March ye 19, 1763,

John Roberts

Charles Jolly

Abraham Wentz

Jacob Levering

Jacob Roberts

John Lewis

Andrew Knox

Thomas Adams

Philip Richardson

Philip Shenenberger

Joshua Dickinson

Benjamin Dickinson

William Davis

Jonathan Taylor

Joseph Conrod

John Dehaven

Joseph Roberts

Joshua Richards

Jonas Supplee

George Robinson

William Robinson

Owen Thomas 

William Dehaven.

End NOTE.]’”10

“John Roberts, son of John, of Whitpain, and Ellin Williams, dau. of Thomas, of Montgomery, dec’d, at Gwynedd m. h., 10th mo 11, 1764.”4

1764 document: “Tax list on estates of freeholders and inhabitants, Whitpain and Plymouth townships, July 2, 1764.  John Roberts was one of the assessors.”6

1765 document: “Letter of Attorney, Lewis Weiss, Philadelphia, to John Roberts, farmer, Whitpain township, July 20, 1765. Giving authority to seize the goods and chattels of Jacob Cress, a tenant, for unpaid rent.  Also mentions Elizabeth Blair, widow of John Blair.”6

1765 document: “Affirmation of John Roberts, Whitpain Township, that he seized a quantity of wheat and rye in possession of Elizabeth Blear [i.e. Blair], widow of John Blear, late of Worcester, for rent due Jacob Cress, n.p., July 22, 1765.”6

1766 document: “Notice to John Roberts, Whitpain township, to meet the Commissioners and Assessors on the 13th of (October) in order to qualify for the service of the County, Philadelphia, October 7, 1766.”6

1768 document: “Discharge of Barnabas Coulston, Plymouth Township, of all and every charge and expense of all roads in the township of Whitpain by John Roberts, supervisor, the said townships being made in one district by an Act of Assembly, March, 1762. Signed by Inhabitants of Whitpain, March 19, 1768.”6

More documents regarding John Roberts are in this collection and not copied here.6

1772 document: “Letter, John Wilson for Israel Pemberton, Philadelphia, to John Roberts, Whitpain township, March 25, 1772. Re: sale of plantation purchased of James Brown to George Krieger.”6

1773 document: “Bond, Evan Jones of Worcester, cordwinder [sic], to John Roberts, Whitpain township, Philadelphia County, November 29, 1773.”6

Of Whitpain twp in 1777.3

1780 Effective Supply Tax, Whitpain Twp

John Roberts, valuation of £10,500, tax of £210.0.0; highest valuation in Whitpain.11

1787 document: “Bond, Thos. Rees, miller, Providence township, Montgomery County, to John Roberts, yeoman, Whitpain township, Pennsylvania, October 1, 1787.”6

1787 document: “Bond, John Roberts, Whitpain, Township, Montgomery County, to Margret Shoemaker, widow, Whitemarsh township, same county, Pennsylvania, December 5, 1787.”6

Four John Roberts in 1790 U.S. Census, Montgomery Co., PA

1800 U.S. Census, Whitpain Twp, Montgomery Co., PA

1 M 45+

1 F 45+

ROBERTS, JOHN. Whitpain.

May 10, 1789. Oct 28, 1801. 2.224

To son Job, farm, 200 acres; he paying to wife Ellin, maintenance and part of household goods. To daughter Sarah 40 pds. and featherbed. To daughter Ellin, 40 pds. To son Job, 90 acres; he to pay 450 pds. to daughters after wife’s death. To 6 daughters: Elizabeth, Ruth, Sarah, Ann, Jane, and Ellin, 1/7 part each to grandchildren: Job, Sarah and William Hallowell, of daughter Mary, 1/7 part equally, also to receive 5 pds. left by father John. To cousin Nehamiah Roberts, wearing apparel. Codicil dated Sept 5, 1797 gives to daughter Sarah a table, revokes part giving 40 pds. &c to daughters and gives them with what they have received equal parts. Daughter Elizabeth’s share to her children: Caleb, Tacy, Nathan, Elizabeth, Jonathan and Jane Evans.

Execs: Son in law Nathan Cleaver, sons John and Job. Wit: Cadwallader Evans, John Rowland, John Evans.12

Will and probate is housed at Swarthmore College.

Glenn says he died in Gwynedd.1

On 13 May 1736 when John was 21, he first married Jane Hank4, 283, daughter of John Hank & Sarah Evans, in Gwynedd, PA.4,2 3d mo. 13; Gwynedd MH. Born on 12 Oct 1714 in Philadelphia Co., PA.1,2 8 mo 12. Jane died in Whitpain, PA, on 7 Oct 1762; she was 47.1,2 10 mo 7.

“Jane Roberts bur. 7th da, 10th mo, 1762 aged 48 years from Gwynedd [sic] from Whitepain, wife of John Roberts Cadwalder” [Gwynedd MM).3

They had the following children:

42 i. Cadwalader (1737-1748)

43 ii. John (1739-1824)

44 iii. Elizabeth (1741-1794)

45 iv. Ruth (1743-1820)

46 v. Sarah (1745-1837)

47 vi. Ann (1748-1808)

48 vii. Jane (1751-1821)

49 viii. Mary (1753-1786)

50 ix. Job (1756-1851)

51 x. Jonah (1760-1761)

On 11 Oct 1764 when John was 50, he second married Eleanor Williams2, daughter of Thomas Williams & Jane Morris, in Gwynedd, PA.1,4 10 mo 11. Born on 26 Aug 1723.1,2 6 mo 26; 1722 per Quinn. Eleanor died on 12 Dec 1796; she was 73.1 12 mo 12.

Glenn has as Ellin.1

“Ellen Roberts, 2nd wife of John Roberts Cadwalder bur. 12th da, 12th mo, 1796” [Gwynedd MM].3

They had one child:

52 i. Eleanor Williams (1768-1812)

Family of Nicholas Roberts (7) & Margaret Foulke

22. Jane Roberts (Nicholas2, Robert Cadwalder1).1 Born on 20 Apr 1718 in Gwynedd, PA.1,2 2 mo 20. Jane died on 23 Mar 1790; she was 71.1 3 mo 23.

On 20 Oct 1741 when Jane was 23, she married David Morris2, son of Cadwalader Morris & Elizabeth Morgan, in Gwynedd, PA.1,2 8 mo 20. Born ca 1714 in Gwynedd, PA.2 David died in 1770; he was 56.2

Davis Morris per Glenn.1

“David Morris, son of Cadwalader Morris of Philadelphia Co., and Jane Roberts, of same place md. 20th da, ? mo, 1741 having consent of parents.”3

23. Ellen Roberts (Nicholas2, Robert Cadwalder1).1 Born on 6 Jan 1721.1 11 mo 6, 1720.

On 27 Jun 1757 when Ellen was 36, she married John Siddons1, in Philadelphia, PA.1,2 6 mo 27; 27 Aug per Quinn; Swedes Church. Born ca 1715.2

24. Elizabeth Roberts (Nicholas2, Robert Cadwalder1).1 Born on 11 Aug 1723 in Gwynedd, PA.1,2 6 mo 11. Elizabeth died in Maryland on 29 May 1790; she was 66.1,2 5 mo 29.

Of Gwynedd.3

On 12 Apr 1743 when Elizabeth was 19, she married David Humphrey1, son of Robert Humphrey & Gainor Evans, in Gwynedd, PA.1,2 2 mo 12. Born on 31 Oct 1719 in Chester Co., PA.2

Of Gwynedd, PA.1

“David Humphrey, son of Robert Humphrey of Gwynedd, Philadelphia Co. and Elizabeth Roberts of Gwynedd, same county md. 12th da, Apr, 1743 having consent of parents.”3

Family of Rowland Roberts (8) & Mary Pugh

25. Eldad Roberts (Rowland2, Robert Cadwalder1).1 Born on 19 Feb 1714 in Gwynedd, PA.1,2 12 mo 19, 1713. Eldad died in Montgomery Twp, Montgomery Co., PA, in 1789; he was 74.1,2

He owned a plantation in Montgomery, PA. Will dated 1 mo 29, 1789, proved 26 Mar 1789.1

“Eldad Roberts, son of Rowland, of Montgomery, and Jane, dau. of Isaac Jones, of the same place, at Gwynedd m.h., 10th mo 18, 1763.”4

Will abstract in Roberts, p. 32. Will dated 29 Jan 1789, proved 26 Mar 1789. Mentions wife Jane, sons Mordecai, John; daughters Elizabeth, Mary.

In 1747 when Eldad was 32, he first married Elizabeth Mitchell1, daughter of Richard Mitchell & Alice Shires, in Pennsylvania.1,2 Born ca 1718 in Wrightstown, PA.2 Wrightstown MM records. Elizabeth died in Montgomery Twp, Montgomery Co., PA, in May 1760; she was 42.1,2 5 mo.

Possibly the Elizabeth wife of “Edward” bur. Gwynedd 5 mo 21, 1760.3

On 18 Oct 1763 when Eldad was 49, he second married Jane Jones1, daughter of Isaac Jones & Elizabeth Lewis, in Gwynedd, PA.1,2,4 10 mo 18. Born ca 1743 in Montgomery Twp, Montgomery Co., PA.2

26. Sarah Roberts (Rowland2, Robert Cadwalder1).1 Born on 13 Jan 1716.1 11 mo 13, 1715.

Apparently died young since no mention in father’s will.2

Family of Elizabeth Roberts (9) & Daniel Morgan

27. Benjamin Morgan (Elizabeth Roberts2, Robert Cadwalder1).1 Born on 4 Nov 1719 in Gwynedd, PA.1,2 Benjamin died in Philadelphia, PA, on 8 Jul 1760; he was 40.2

On 7 Sep 1744 when Benjamin was 24, he married Sarah Davies2, in Haverford Twp, Chester (now Delaware) Co., PA.2 Born ca 1720.2

Sarah Davis per Glenn.1

28. Ruth Morgan (Elizabeth Roberts2, Robert Cadwalder1).1 Born on 14 May 1721 in Gwynedd, PA.1,2 Ruth died aft 1784; she was 62.2

To Wilmington, DE in 1758, but back to Gwynedd, PA in 1759, then Oxford.2

In 1746 when Ruth was 24, she first married Nathan Evans1, son of Evan Evans & Phebe Miles, in Gwynedd, PA.2 Born on 17 Jan 1721 in Gwynedd, PA.2 1720/1. Nathan died ca 1759; he was 37.2 at home of Benjamin Morgan.

In 1773 when Ruth was 51, she second married Moses Peters1, son of Garrett Peters & Margaret, in Pennsylvania.1,2 Born ca 1710.2 Moses died in Oxford Twp., Philadelphia Co., PA, ca 1784; he was 74.2

Fourth Generation 


Family of Robert Roberts (11) & Sarah Ambler

29. Ellin Roberts (Robert3, Cadwalader2, Robert Cadwalder1).8

30. Cadwallader Roberts (Robert3, Cadwalader2, Robert Cadwalder1).12 Born on 18 Dec 1743 in Gwynedd, PA.2 Cadwallader died on 7 Feb 1816; he was 72.2

Joseph Roberts brother? See Roberts p. 105.12

Of Montgomery twp. in 1802 when son Cadwalader married.4

“Cadwalder Roberts, son of Robert Roberts, late of Gwynedd Twp., Philadelphia Co., dec’d and Mary Shoemaker, dau of Richard Shoemaker of Horsham Twp., Philadelphia C. md. 24th da, 5th mo, 1768 having consent of surviving parents.”3


November __, 1814. February 21, 1816. 4.195 

To son Richard, farm, 150 acres he to have 250 pds. To son Ezekiel, each to sons Ezekiel and Cadwalder, and daughters Agnes, and Mary, 500 pds. for the use of son Edward, and 500 pds. for use of son Joseph. To daughter Agnes, case of drawers, etc. Rem. of money arising from sale of farm, 250 pds. each to sons Ezekiel Cadwalder, and daughters Agnes, and Mary. Rem. to son Richard. Wearing apparel to be divided among 7 children. 

Trustees, nephew George Roberts, and Jacob Albertson. 

Exec: Son Richard. 

Wit: Job Roberts, and William Mullin.”12

On 24 May 1768 when Cadwallader was 24, he married Mary Shoemaker12, daughter of Richard Shoemaker & Agnes Cleaver, in Abington Twp., Montgomery Co, PA.2 Abington MM. Born on 14 May 1744.2 Mary died on 23 Dec 1795; she was 51.2

“Mary Roberts but 25th da, 12th mo, 1795 age 52 from Horsham, wife of Cadwalder Roberts” [Gwynedd MM].3

They had the following children:

i. Agnes2 (1783-1872)

ii. Cadwallader2 (1777-1871)

31. Joseph Roberts (Robert3, Cadwalader2, Robert Cadwalder1).7 Joseph died in 1799 in Montgomery, PA.12

“Joseph Roberts, son of Robert Roberts of Gwynedd in Philadelphia Co., dec’d and Sarah Shoemaker, dau of Richard Shoemaker of Horsham Twp., md. 22nd da, 5th mo, 1770 having consent of surviving parents.”3

Possibly the Joseph Roberts d. 1799 in Montgomery, PA on p. 105 of Roberts. Wife Mercy, dau. Sarah Conrad.12

Of Montgomery twp., 1793, when dau. Sarah married.4

On 22 May 1770 Joseph first married Sarah Shoemaker7, daughter of Richard Shoemaker & Agnes Cleaver, in Abington Twp., Montgomery Co, PA.7,3 5 mo 22. Born on 30 Aug 1748.7 6 mo 30. Sarah died on 4 Sep 1771; she was 23.7 9 mo 4.

They had one child:

i. Sarah7 (1771-)

Joseph second married Mercy12.

32. Ann Mary Roberts (Robert3, Cadwalader2, Robert Cadwalder1).8,2 Born in 1745.2 Ann Mary died on 7 Dec 1823; she was 78.2

Ann Mary married Hugh Foulke2. Born on 21 Apr 1752 in Gwynedd, PA.2 Hugh died on 23 Feb 1831; he was 78.2

They had one child:

i. Cadwalader7 (1778-1858)

33. Hannah Roberts (Robert3, Cadwalader2, Robert Cadwalder1).8

Family of Elizabeth Roberts (18) & John Jones

34. Jane Jones (Elizabeth Roberts3, John2, Robert Cadwalder1).1 Born ca 1735 in Philadelphia Co., PA.2

Jane married John McKinley2. Born ca 1730.2

35. John Jones (Elizabeth Roberts3, John2, Robert Cadwalder1).1

36. Mordecai Jones (Elizabeth Roberts3, John2, Robert Cadwalder1).1 Born ca 1740 in Pennsylvania.2 Mordecai died in Whitpain, PA, in May 1818; he was 78.2

Mordecai married Sophia Wentz2, daughter of Peter Wentz & Rosanna Gmelin. Born on 25 Sep 1751 in Pennsylvania.2 Sophia died in 1818; she was 66.2

37. Evan Jones (Elizabeth Roberts3, John2, Robert Cadwalder1).1

38. Margaret Jones (Elizabeth Roberts3, John2, Robert Cadwalder1).1

39. Ellen Jones (Elizabeth Roberts3, John2, Robert Cadwalder1).1

40. Ann Jones (Elizabeth Roberts3, John2, Robert Cadwalder1).1

Family of Elizabeth Roberts (18) & John Blair

41. Jonathan Blair (Elizabeth Roberts3, John2, Robert Cadwalder1).1 Born ca 1752.2

Family of John Roberts (21) & Jane Hank

42. Cadwalader Roberts (John3, John2, Robert Cadwalder1).1 Born on 6 Mar 1737 in Pennsylvania.1,2 1736/7. Cadwalader died in Whitpain, PA, on 16 Jan 1748; he was 10.1,2 1747/8.

43. John Roberts (John3, John2, Robert Cadwalder1).13 Born on 28 Jan 1739 in Whitpain Twp, Philadelphia (now Montgomery) Co., PA.4,14,1 11th mo. 28; 9 mo 30 per Glenn. John died in Montgomery Twp., PA, on 8 Nov 1824; he was 85.4,14,1 11th mo 8; 8 mo 11 per Glenn.

Of Montgomery twp. in 1800, when son Peter married.4

“John Roberts, son of John Roberts of Whitepain Twp., Philadelphia Co. and Elizabeth Cleaver, dau of Peter Cleaver of Upper Dublin Twp., same county md. 9th da, 6th mo, 1772 having consent of parents.”15

Could he have been formerly m. to Ellen Williams? “John Roberts, son of John Roberts of Whitpain...and Ellen Williams, dau of Thomas Williams, late of Montgomery...md. 11th mo, 10th da, 1764.”3

On 9 Jun 1772 when John was 33, he married Elizabeth Cleaver13, daughter of Peter Cleaver Jr. & Elizabeth Potts, in Horsham Twp, Montgomery Co, PA.4,14,16 6th mo 9. Born on 17 Aug 1739 in Pennsylvania.13,14 6 mo. 17, 1739. Elizabeth died on 24 Jul 1808; she was 68.13 5 mo. 24, 1808.

They had the following children:

i. Peter1 (1773-1801)

ii. Ruth1 (1775-1857)

44. Elizabeth Roberts (John3, John2, Robert Cadwalder1).12 Born on 19 Jan 1741 in Pennsylvania.1,2 1740/1. Elizabeth died on 16 Aug 1794; she was 53.1,2

“Thomas Evans, son of Thomas, of Gwynedd, Phila. Co., and Mary Roberts, dau. of John, of Whitpain, at Gwynedd m. h., 11th mo. 19, 1765.” [Not sure why name is listed as Mary instead of Elizabeth.]4

In 1765 when Elizabeth was 23, she married Thomas Evans12,1, son of Thomas Evans & Elizabeth Griffith, in Gwynedd, PA.2 Born on 24 Mar 1733 in Gwynedd, PA.2 Thomas died in Gwynedd, PA, on 3 Sep 1818; he was 85.2

Of Gwynedd, PA.1

   “Montgomery Co., PA will book 5 EVANS, THOMAS, Gwynedd. July 5, 1813. September 18, 1818. 5.84 To daughter Tacy, 100 pds. farm, 128 acres, to be divided among children. Rem. divided among 6 children. Execs: Caliph Evans, Nathan Evans, Cadwalder Roberts. Wit: Job Roberts, George Sheive.

   “Howard Jenkins: Thomas Evans, of Gwynedd, son of Thomas, b. 1st mo. 24, 1733, d. 9th mo. 3, 1818, m. 1765, Elizabeth Roberts (b. 11th mo. 19, 1740, d. 1794), dau. of John and Jane Roberts, of Whitpain. (See Roberts Genealogy) The Family Record (1797) speaks of him as living where his father did (the farm on the SE corner of Sumneytown Pike and Evans Rd.) and calls him familiarly ‘Tommy Evans.’2

They had the following children:

i. Jane2 (1766-1781)

ii. Caleb12 (1768-1855)

iii. Tacy12 (1770-1840)

iv. Nathan12 (1772-1826)

v. Thomas2 (1774-1774)

vi. John2 (1775-1777)

vii. Jonathan12 (1778-1844)

viii. Elizabeth12 (1781-1842)

ix. Jane12 (1784-1876)

45. Ruth Roberts (John3, John2, Robert Cadwalder1).13 Born on 28 May 1743 in Whitpain Twp, Philadelphia (now Montgomery) Co., PA.13,4 3d mo. 28. Ruth died in Gwynedd, PA, on 26 Dec 1820; she was 77.13,4,14,16 12th mo. 26.

On 24 May 1768 when Ruth was 24, she married Nathan Cleaver13, son of Peter Cleaver Jr. & Elizabeth Potts, in Radnor, PA.13,14 5 mo. 24, 1768; Gwynedd MM. Born on 12 Nov 1734 in Upper Dublin, Montgomery Co., PA.13,14 9 mo. 12, 1734. Nathan died in Gwynedd, PA, on 31 Aug 1809; he was 74.13,14,16

Likely of Upper Dublin, PA.13

“Nathan Cleaver, son of Peter, of Upper Dublin, and Ruth Roberts, dau. of John, of Whitpain, at a public meeting in Gwynedd, 5th mo. 24, 1768.”4

   “Notes for NATHAN CLEAVER: Nathan Cleaver bought 137 acres in Montgomery twp., Philadelphia (now Montgomery) Co., PA which had been part of the Isaac Jones property in the extreme lower end of the township.

   “CLEAVER, NATHAN. Montgomery. April 29, 1804. October 16, 1809. 3.160 To wife, 400 pds. and household goods, and farm, and 12 pds. paid to her yearly. To son Jonathan Cleaver, 30 pds. To son Salathiel, 30 pds. To grandson Amos Griffith, 30 pds. when 21. To 3 sons: Jonathan, Nathan, and Salathiel Cleaver, farms, in Montgomery, and Horsham, containing 160 acres purchased of John Evans, and sisters. Rem. of estate divided among three sons equally. Execs: three sons: Jonathan, Nathan, and Salathiel Cleaver. Wit: Hugh Foulke, Isaac Jones.”2

They had the following children:

i. Phoebe2 (1769-1798)

ii. David2 (1771-1804)

iii. Jonathan2 (1775-)

iv. Nathan2,17 (1778->1850)

v. Salathiel17,2 (1780-1857)

46. Sarah Roberts (John3, John2, Robert Cadwalder1).12 Born on 17 Sep 1745.1,2 5 mo per Glenn. Sarah died in Sep 1837; she was 91.1,2

Died unmarried.1

47. Ann Roberts (John3, John2, Robert Cadwalder1).12 Born on 14 Apr 1748.1,2 Ann died on 15 Oct 1808; she was 60.1,2

On 21 Apr 1774 when Ann was 26, she married Morgan Morgan1, son of Edward Morgan & Margaret Rittenhouse, in Gwynedd, PA.2 Gwynedd MH. Born on 3 May 1739 in Gwynedd, PA.2 Morgan died in Gwynedd, PA, on 29 Feb 1832; he was 92.2

“Morgan Morgan, son of Edward, of Whitpain, Phila. Co., and Ann Roberts, dau. of John, of the same place, at Gwynedd m.h., 4th mo. 21, 1774.”4

They had the following children:

i. Benjamin2 (1775-1855)

ii. Elizabeth2 (1776-)

iii. Sarah2 (1779-1861)

iv. Morgan2 (1782-1850)

v. Ann2 (1784-1863)

vi. David2 (1786-1865)

vii. Mary2 (1788-1847)

48. Jane Roberts (John3, John2, Robert Cadwalder1).12 Born on 1 May 1751 in Whitpain Twp, Montgomery Co., PA.7,2 3 mo 1. Jane died in Plymouth Twp, PA, on 31 Oct 1821; she was 70.12,7,1 11 mo 1 per Glenn. Buried in Plymouth Twp, PA.7 Plymouth MH.


Nov 12, 1819. Dec 28, 1821. 5.369

To husband David Shoemaker, 400 pds. and personal estate, to daughters: Ellen, Margaret, Ann, and Mary, equally.

Execs: Cadwalder Foulke, and John Jones. Wit: Job Roberts, and Charles Mather.” Not clear why husband is in will if he died in 1810.12

On 22 Oct 1776 when Jane was 25, she married David Shoemaker3, son of Jacob Shoemaker & Margaret Conard, in Plymouth Meeting, PA.3,7 Gwynedd MM; 1778 at Plymouth MH per Shoemaker. Born on 31 Jan 1753 in Philadelphia (now Montgomery) Co., PA.7,2 1 mo 31. David died in Whitemarsh, Montgomery Co., PA, on 10 Nov 1810; he was 57.12,7 11 mo 10.

“David Shoemaker, son of Jacob Shoemaker of Whitemarsh twp, Philadelphia Co., yeoman and Jane Roberts, dau of John Roberts of the same place md. 22nd da, 10th mo,1776 having consent of parents” (Gwynedd).3

“10th-mo. 22, 1778. David Shoemaker, son of Jacob, of Whitemarsh, Philadelphia county, yeoman, and Jane Roberts, daughter of John, of Whitpaln, said county, At Plymouth meeting-house. Witnesses, Margaret Matthias, Isaac, Rachel and Martha Shoemaker, John and John Roberts, Jr. and 27 others.”18


March 24, 1807. Dec 7, 1810. 3.265

To wife Jane, household goods, and 30 pds. Exrs. to sell all real estate. To 4 daughters: Ellen, Margaret, Ann, and Mary, legacies equally.

Execs: Son in law Ezra Comfort, Jonathan Cleaver, and brother in law Job Roberts. Wit: Samuel Maulsby, Septimus Wood.”12

They had the following children:

i. Ellen/Eleanor12,7 (1779-1866)

ii. Margaret12 (1782-1873)

iii. John7 (1784-1789)

iv. Ann12 (1786-1821)

v. Mary12 (1790-1877)

49. Mary Roberts (John3, John2, Robert Cadwalder1)13, 141. Born on 5 Nov 1753 in Whitpain Twp, Montgomery Co., PA.5,2 11 mo 5. Mary died on 23 Sep 1786; she was 32.5 9 mo 23.

On 17 Jun 1777 when Mary was 23, she married William Hallowell19,13, 140, son of Joseph Hallowell & Sarah Nanney, in Gwynedd, PA.20,3 6 mo 17. Born in 1753 in Whitemarsh, Montgomery Co., PA.21 William died on 23 Feb 1829; he was 76.21

Of Whitemarsh, PA.19

“William Hallowell, son of Joseph Hallowell of Whitemarsh twp, Philadelphia Co., dec’d and Mary Roberts, dau of John Roberts of Whitpain twp, same county md. 17th da, 6th mo, 1777 having consent of parents.”3

Possible match from The Incompleted Burial Records of Merion (PA) Meeting Grave-yard by Margaret B. Harvey, A.M. (http://files.usgwarchives.org/pa/philadelphia/cemeteries/merion08.txt):

William Hallowell, died 10 Mo. 7, 1831.  Letters of Administration on 

the Estate of William R. Hallowell were granted at Norristown, Oct. 13, 1831.  

Administrator, John Hallowell.  Securities, John Taylor, William Hallowell.

They had the following children:

i. John13 (1778->1826)

ii. Job12,13 (1780-1803)

iii. Sarah12 (1782-1835)

iv. William12 (1784-1831)

v. ?5

50. Job Roberts (John3, John2, Robert Cadwalder1).12 Born on 23 Mar 1756 in Whitpain Twp, Montgomery Co., PA.1,2 3 mo 23, 1757 per Glenn. Job died in Whitpain Twp, Montgomery Co., PA, on 20 Aug 1851; he was 95.1,2

Of Whitpain, PA.1

“Agricultural innovator in the raising of crops, cattle and sheep. Drove to Gwynedd meeting in a carriage of his own manufacture.”2

   “Job R. Tyson: He ‘healed disputes and reconciled differences which but for his personal interposition and influence would have led to expensive and protracted litigation.’

   “Joseph Foulke: ‘I was never with Job Roberts for 15 minutes without learning something.’

   “In 1804 wrote a book ‘The Pennsylvania Farmer’

   “Did experiments to determine the best timing and amount of plowing to be done. Advocating plowing in the fall and plowing til the soil broke into very small particles. Obtained 60 Bu/A wheat crop. Experimented with amount of manure, gypsum, plaster of Paris and lime to use. Invented a fruit paring machine and a corn planter. Introduced new varieties of livestock to Pennsylvania.”2

   “Job Roberts...was also a man of marked character. He was born, lived, and died in Whitpain [township, Montgomery Co., Pennsylvania], but close to the Gwynedd line, and for many years he was one of the most conspicuous figures in the business and social circles of Gwynedd. Born March 23, 1757, he d. August 20, 1851, having passed nearly half of his 95th year. Early in life he showed both mechanical and agricultural enterprise. He did much to improve the methods of farming, planted hedges, introduced the feeding of green fodder to cattle, instead of grazing, built a barn which was enormously large, according to the usual standard, but which he soon had full of crops, and introduced, almost if not quite as early as Judge Peters, the use of gypsum, or land plaster. In a volume he published in 1804, called ‘The Pennsylvania Farmer,’ he said he had raised from 10 acres of land 565 bushels of wheat; and afterward, about 1820, as he stated to the late Hon. Job R. Tyson, he secured 360 bushels from a lot of 6 acres. He was one of the first in Pennsylvania to introduce and breed Merino sheep, and during the movement to establish the manufacture of silk he was one of its most zealous promoters. "Various articles of his silk manufacture, such as cloth, stockings, and other parts of dress," were still in existence, in 1856, of a date as far back as the Revolution. In 1780 he drove to Gwynedd Meeting in a carriage of his own manufacture, and this, it was said, was the only carriage then, and for 25 years after, seen at that meeting.

   “In 1791, Gov. Mifflin appointed him a justice of the peace, and he continued as such until 1820, when he resigned. He displayed in that office a judgement and discretion so remarkable that he was widely known, much consulted, and generally esteemed. Altogether, his learning, his enterprise, his abilities and his fine character made him a notable figure of his time.”4

1815: Possibly the Job Roberts assigned to be guardian of the David DeHaven children in his will of 1815, Whitpain (Montgomery Co. 4.147).12

Job first married Sarah Williams1, daughter of Joseph Williams. Born in Pennsylvania.2 Sarah died bef 1850.2

On 22 May 1781 when Job was 25, he second married Mary Naylor1, daughter of Joseph Naylor & Hannah Davis.1,2 Born in 1758.1 Mary died in 1816; she was 58.1

They had the following children:

i. Hannah2 (1783-1785)

ii. Jane2 (1785-1847)

51. Jonah Roberts (John3, John2, Robert Cadwalder1).1 Born in 1760 in Whitpain Twp, Montgomery Co., PA.1,2 Jonah died in Whitpain Twp, Montgomery Co., PA, in 1761; he was 1.1,2 Buried on 16 Sep 1761 in Gwynedd, PA.2,3

“Jonah, son of John and Jane Roberts but. 16th da, 9th mo, 1761.”3

Family of John Roberts (21) & Eleanor Williams

52. Eleanor Williams Roberts (John3, John2, Robert Cadwalder1).2,1 Born on 25 Feb 1768.1,2 Eleanor Williams died on 1 Oct 1812; she was 44.2

On 15 Oct 1793 when Eleanor Williams was 25, she married Richard Shoemaker2, son of Ezekiel Shoemaker & Ann Williams.2 Born on 26 Jan 1771.2 Richard died in 1837; he was 65.2

They had the following children:

i. Charles2

ii. Ann2 (1806-)

iii. Job R.2

iv. Hannah2

v. John R.2


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Agnes parent of spouse of 30

Agnes parent of spouse of 31

David child of 45

Elizabeth spouse of 43

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