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So you started an internet business and now you need to get traffic to your site or you will not make money.

This site has been dedicated to getting you traffic to your website but I just had to include this program for making a residual income for the rest of your life. If you already have a good internet business, just skip past this and get to the free traffic. For those of you who are still looking for the right business opportunity, you HAVE to watch this video. If you can refer 4 people to this program you can earn $1,364.00 each and every month for life. But why stop there the more you refer the more $$$ you will make

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Today, I'm going to share with you a free traffic generation system called

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LeadsLeap is an ingenious system that combines the power of contextual advertising and network lead generation.

In this system, you are allowed to post ads to 10 levels of network you have built.

Unlike traditional network lead generation methods, LeadsLeap only allows members to post their ads in the form of contextual ad.

This means your leads do not receive obtrusive ads from their uplines, which is a good thing because no one likes to receive junk ads.

Moreover, LeadsLeap sends very informative and useful newsletters to their members. I've saved some of the newsletters for future reference. I'm sure you will benefit from the newsletter too.

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How much do you spend every month advertising your business opportunity? $50? $100? $200 or more?

What if I could show you a simple, yet powerful system that builds your list so big, so fast, that you will never ever have to pay someone else for advertising again?

If you had 100,000 known buyers and income seekers on your personal list of subscribers, why would you ever need or want to pay someone to advertise to their list? You wouldn't would you?

You can't possibly be more skeptical than I was when I heard about this. But I'm sold now and I just want to share this with as many other fellow netrepreneurs as I can.

Not only will you be able to rapidly build a huge list but each person joining your list is going to PAY YOU just to be on your list.

Did you get that?

This is not just a super list builder. It's an automated cash machine. Like your own ATM machine that keeps on spitting out money in front of you.

This killer system only costs a One-Time $10. Don't just sit there. Go get started right this minute!

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First CLICK HERE and sign up for this program to get FREE ad's posted all over the web. Yes this program is free. I don't think there is anything better than free advertising. So when you can find it grab it fast.

Here you are going to find some of the best ways to get FREE traffic to your site. Not just free traffic and visitors but Targeted Traffic and Visitors. Having people see your site is great but you want people to see your site who are looking for what your are promoting. Internet Marketing can be tricky. The first way to make sure you get targeted traffic to your site is a program called "INSTANT BUZZ" with this program you add a tool bar into your internet browser, then while you are surfing the web just like you normally do, checking your email, searching, going to websites that you would normally go to, you earn ad credits. Ads will be shown in your browser and in turn your ads will be shown in the browser's of thousands of other surfers. Now when someone see's your ad in there browser and like what they see they will click on your link and be taken to your website. NOW THAT IS TARGETED TRAFFIC. It really is that easy click the banner below to sign up. While you are signing up you will be offered a one time chance to upgrade your account. I upgraded my account and I am glad I did. But you do not have to upgrade to enjoy the benefits of this program. Click the banner below to sign up now.

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The next program is called "FREE TRAFFIC BAR" this program works the same way as Instant Buzz, You surf and earn free credits and have your ad posted on other people's internet browsers. With this program you also have the option to upgrade. I signed up for a pro account. They have many different levels of upgrading When you upgrade they give you free credits every month for showing your ad. Again you do not have to upgrade your account. You can sign up for free and earn your free credits and start advertising now and getting traffic to your site. Click the banner below to sign up for Free Traffic Bar.

Once you sign up send an email to and I will send you a code for 10,000 Free Advertising Credits. Just include your name and put "FreeTrafficBar Credits" in the subject line.





This is an amazing program for anyone who has a downline that they are trying to grow. NST is the name of the company and they specialize in helping people grow there downlines for FREE. CLICK HERE to read more about this amazing program. This is also great for anyone with GDI

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Now this next free targeted traffic program is amazing this one is called "1ON40" This program will get your website top listing on 40 major search engines for 5 keywords of your choice. Let me explain how this will work, you submit your url at "1on40" you give them your information and pick 5 keywords. Then 1on40 goes to work for you submitting your site and making sure they get your site in the #1 position for your 5 keywords. Now once your site is on the top of all 40 major search engines for all your keywords, 1on40 will leave your site there for 7 days for free. Then if you want to keep your site there you can start bidding on staying on top. Now that is free targeted traffic.

Now look at it this way, Your site will be on top of the search engines for 1 full week. How much money do you think your site will make by being in the #1 position for your keywords for 1 week. THOUSANDS???

Now it even gets better, if you sign up as an affiliate and give this program to other people you can keep your site in the number 1 position even longer than 7 days without having to bid on them. Click on the image below and sign up as an affiliate once you sign up as an affiliate then sign up to submitt your own site url.

Now here are some more great ways to get traffic to your site. Some of the programs below are FREE and some are paid programs.
You can also start building backlinks by submitting article to article directories this can be a very time consuming but the software below will have you submitting articles in a fraction of the time and it will submit your articles to alot of directories at once saving you even more time.

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And for those of you who can't even write a paragraph, you can get alot of articles that you can submit with your links at the sites below.

Instant Internet Marketing Articles 

Instant Affiliate Articles

The Big Article Pack

10 PLR Niche Article Packages 


Below you are going to find a lot of different ways to drive traffic to your new site, both free and paid ways. The most important thing is for you to get listed in the search engines and to start building backlinks to your site. If you click the banner below it will bring you to a site called Flight Search Engine Submission Service they will submit your website to over 300,000 search engines, directories and link pages.
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Here is another great program for getting free traffic to your site. This program is great because real people will be seeing your site. Which can convert more clicks into sales for you. sign up for trafficswarm by clicking the banner below.



This Next Program Is Not Free But It Will Be The Best $10.00 You Ever Spend!!!!!

This program allow's you to email over 35,000,000 safelist members everyday. Now I know what you are thinking nobody really reads those emails but we are talking about 35 million people if your email subject line is compelling enough people will click on it, trust me I just started with this program and it really does work


to start emailing to your lists today. Also when you sign up through this page now the pro membership will only be $10 for a lifetime membership. Instead of the original $49.95 and the $10 is only a one time fee not a monthly fee. And this is a lifetime membership.

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Now I am sure you know that the key to success for your online business is to build oneway backlinks to your site. 1 great way to do this is by submitting your site to directories but this is very time consuming. But thanks to this new software it makes it very simple and very quick.

Through the link below you can download Directory Submitter and submit your site to 350 directorys FOR FREE, with the click of a mouse.

They also let you upgrade your account to a gold version of the product which allows you to submitt your site to over 1,350 directories (now thats a lot of backlinks)

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If you decide to upgrade your account (which I strongely recommend)

Follow the instructions below.

When you bring up the software you will see this screen sometimes the links will not work correctly. So if you click on the link and it doesn't take you to the upgrade site. RIGHT CLICK on "Upgrade to Gold Version here" then CLICK on "Copy Shortcut" Open up an internet browser and paste the link into your browser. This will Bring you to the upgrade page.


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Here is another amazing program to get you free visitors to your site. All You have to do is enter your information and advertise the site they give you and get 10 people to sign up for a free way to get millions of visitors to there site. Trust me it is not hard to give away this amazing program I keep doing it over and over again. Traffic Digger is a no brainer program you must sign up for.

Free online advertising

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