iPad Apps for Teachers/Administrators

After some time of use and exploration, these are the "must have" applications for your iPad. (From my Point of View)

*Note: This "must have" list does not include the default apps.

If you have a favorite app that is not listed, please suggest the app by submitting a comment at the bottom of this page! 

Google Mobile App 
This is a must have app for anyone who uses any of the Google tools. This app links to your Google account giving you quick access to your Gmail, Documents, Calendar, and more.
Use the Search function within this app to search by voice. Very handy when the iPad is not linked with a full sized keyboard.

Use Google Maps to find your way and get directions. You can also share your location with your colleagues and them with you. Now collaboration can be spontaneous based on your location!



If you use your iPad to follow Twitter, this is my suggested app. The great user interface easily allows you to follow your twit stream, along with other customizable feeds. I often use it at conferences to tweet my ideas and thoughts, and with the multiple columns, it is easy to follow a hashtag feed so you don't miss any of the conversation.

To add a custom column, click the "+" button on the top menu. From there, set up your custom column. 

I have found this to be a great way to follow what is happening in real time in a meeting or conference that you may be attending.

Print Bureau


Alright, pretty expensive for an app, but well worth it. This app is the cadillac of print applications allowing you to print over a wi-fi connection, or a 3-G connection. This app lets you print from remote locations to shared printers. Print all files, a document, an email, a picture, a web page, and the list goes on. It also interfaces with Dropbox to get shared files.

 A bonus to this app is its file management capabilities as well as the ability to transform any document into a PDF format.

DropBox for iPad


This app is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Dropbox syncs documents, spreadsheets, pictures, movies, basically any type of file with multiple devices. Set up your account online, download the app to any device you want to access your content with, and now you have access to all your documents and files on whichever device you are using. Dropbox has an open API, so many other apps are interfacing with Dropbox. 

When sharing files with colleagues with Dropbox, name the folder with the colleague you are sharing. For example, create a folder called "Jeff". Share the folder with Jeff. Now everything you place in that folder is automatically shared with Jeff. A quick way to keep track of what you share with whom.

I have really been enjoying reading those long PDF documents in iBooks. In Dropbox, you can send your PDF files to iBooks, and use iBooks to read the document just as you would read a digital book. A neat way to get caught up on those research documents.



Although I am not much of a fan of creating presentations on the iPad, this handy app is very powerful and allows the creation of engaging and almost full featured slide shows in the palm of your hand. Keynote supports VGA out, so with the needed adapter, you can use you iPad to project your presentation. No more lugging you laptop around.

A neat feature that can be found on the iPad is that while presenting, you can view your speaker notes. The audience can still only see the slide, but as the presenter, you can view your notes in private to make sure you don't leave out any key points.

Dragon Dictation


Dragon Dictation is an easy to use voice recognition application that easily transforms your speech into text. It is powered by the same system as the Dragon Naturally Speaking software that costs much more, takes a lot more time to set up, and from my experiences, isn't nearly as accurate as this application.

Use this application to quickly and easily update your profile in Facebook. Simply speak your update, and share to Facebook... it really is that easy. You can also use this app to quickly compose an email message by voice, (make sure you proof read your translation!) and mail the message from within the app. A great time saver!