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20 Things I Learned
A resource created by Google to inform users of internet terminology and basics. A great resource.

Searching Safely With Google 

1. Navigate to GOOGLE (

2. Click on the "Settings Gear" in the upper right hand corner.

3. Select the "Advanced search" option from the drop down menu. You should see something similar to the image below.

4. Select "SafeSearch" from the options on the right.

5.The next screen is full of interesting facts and information on setting up SafeSearch and how it can be configured for your needs. I suggest new users watch the video to become familiar with how SafeSearch works.

6. Next, click on "Search Preferences page".

7. Now we can begin customizing how our search results are displayed. You can choose from three levels of search safety, strict, moderate, and no filtering. By default, Google sets the safety level at moderate.

8. Google now allows us to "Lock" our search safety level for all users on the computer using this browser. (If you have multiple browsers, you will have to configure SafeSearch in each browser) 

9. Click on "Lock SafeSearch". You will have to provide your login credentials, and select the Lock SafeSearch button. 

10. You have successfully locked "SafeSearch" for all users using this browser on this computer...

A Google A Day

Want to give your students, (or maybe even you) some practice in searching for specific content on the internet? Here is a great resource. A new question each day keeps this activity engaging and relevant.


Alternative Search Engines

Wolfram Alpha:

Teaching Parents Tech
Do you find yourself spending hours and hours helping friends, family, and even co-workers with relatively simple (at least to you) computer issues? Maybe you are the one who is too shy to ask for help. This site may be just for you. A series of how to videos created on a list of frequently asked questions, from connection issues to setting up preferences for your computer...Give this Google created site a go...