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At Bouncing Orange we use different areas of graphic design and creative website design in Perth elements to build you a website with outstanding user experience...

In the rapidly evolving world of website design, how do you know which elements are the most critical for your website's success?
What components of website development will make or break your online store?

At Bouncing Orange we'll help you start along the right track to building or redesigning your website.

How we Create Stunning Website Designs Every-time...

Step 1: Get your content in order.

Your content establishes the foundation for your website design. Your content includes all of your text, photos, videos, e-books and other downloads that you offer. Think about developing a "CMS," or content-management system. You'll need a strong CMS to update and maintain all the key information on your website after the developers have finished working on it.

Your text should build a perception of you as an authority with value to offer. Using a specialized font is a good branding tool, but it needs to be a font supported by most browsers.

Your images should impress and intrigue others. Think about utilizing large background images with embedded text, which is a trendy way for you to visually tell stories.

Your videos should be so interesting that others just can't stop watching. Videos that play in the background automatically can work very well to engage visitors, but if you do it wrong or it's not appropriate for your website, then it will just turn off your visitors. Use with caution. Ask your design expert for their opinion because sometimes it's better to only have videos on a landing page that visitors can start and stop at will.

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Step 2: Plan your website structure for superior navigation

Consider how many pages you want and how you want them to connect. Drawing a flowchart or mind map helps you visualize the big picture more clearly. It's easier to pick graphics and icons after you know your structure.

Put yourself in the shoes of your best customers. What are they looking for first when they arrive? What information is most important for them to see right away? Usually, you'd want to present unique selling points that differentiate you from the competition first, and maybe your business has specials for a limited time that they should know about. The primary information should always appear first on the landing page.

The secondary information about how it works, why it's so great, where they can make use of the product and all the other details should be easy to find from the main page without cluttering the first landing page. If you have a great deal of information that really is all critical for the landing page, then your website development should include a page that allows for "infinite" scroll-down options with clearly segregated headers or blocks of content.

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Step 3: Pick a responsive design with some punch that supports your structure.

By "responsive design," we mean a website that loads well on all mobile Internet-browsing devices.At least half of e-commerce traffic comes from mobile devices, so you can't overlook this point. If your website doesn't cater to mobile browsers, they'll leave your landing page to find a better one within seconds.

It's not enough to have a website that resizes according to each device; you need a mobile website with an optimized structure that creates the best user experience. To achieve this end, you can add expandable menus where needed to save screen space. Also consider making lists of information more scannable by using smaller, square "card-sized" images to highlight your points or offerings. Using your smaller images as visual links to
other webpages can boost click-through rates.

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Step 4: Optimize your checkout options to support your e-commerce.

You need a good e-commerce foundation to make money from your website, and that entails automating and integrating both stock control and accounting systems. Then to make it as shopper-friendly as possible, you need a streamlined checkout that requires only the most important bits of information from your customers without making them leave the webpage.

Now that you know what it takes to build a stellar website, can you see why expert guidance is essential?

Don't worry; we can easily do all the hard parts for you a lot faster.

Talk to our project managers. We'll ask you for the essential bits of information and determine a design direction for your website. Then we'll show you some concepts and fine tune them until we get the design that works the best for you to shine online.

Logo Design

You have just seconds to portray the image of your company to your prospective customers, what better medium to convey this than with a well thought out logo design.
A custom logo design can strengthen your company image and convey the right message; if done right.

Logo design is typically one of the first tasks I perform when it comes to branding and website design. This step is crucial in capturing the essence of the business for the rest of the website build process. I have many years of working with varied types of companies in defining their image and brand positioning and feel confident in expressing new ideas that almost always hit their mark. We won't move on from this step until you are absolutely certain I understand where your business is at and where it is going. Moving on before I have captured this is futile and will never result in the best image for your business being put forth.

Get it right, hit this mark, from the get go... then your business essence will carry through the entire website design project and result in a better end product every time.

Website Design Inspiration

I keep a collection of cool designs I come across, I use these as inspiration sometimes. It is good to save the designs that really stand out to you. I find my style has really evolved as a graphic designer and there are some excellent examples of inspiring website design that, for me, really stands out from the crowd.

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