About Me

            I'm Dennis Wheeler.                

Think of your internet presence as your yard at home.
You love your yard (website). It's great to live in, cookout on the patio, and invite your friends over to be "wowed" by it. Only problem is that "WOW" requires more time, more knowledge and more patience than you have to maintain it. Your trying to make money, not perform website and internet maintenance. So what do you do? You hire a someone to come by when needed to maintain your yard. You don't need them to work full time. You just need them to trim, clean up and do it once in a while. 

Maybe you need some help getting started from scratch. I can do that too.


 Every so often, though, (you should hope), you have to update your site. You sold a product or got a new one, signed up some new property to re-sale or rent, added staff or want to run a special promotion. 
 The people that sold the site to you, or where you signed up for the site, are nice but can be too expensive or too remote to service it well and/or often enough for you. They don't have current pictures, or are just too unfamiliar with you, your product, your ideas and your goals to achieve what you are trying to achieve.
Who could you use to make simple, inexpensive Re-Sale and New Home  or business videos to use for your MLS listings (non-branded) or Branded videos for their social media pages, or  professional contact pages. Who can keep in touch and learn about YOU, and translate who YOU are to your customers? Maybe help build on your own personal dreams  (click above).

As people heard about what I did for a living, I also had the same Real Estate Professionals, neighbors, friends, etc. ask me if I could help them with a simple website for their small business or charity, or church, or favorite activity or group. 

I also discovered that many had no external internet media at all. Many knew very little to nothing about the web, even less about building a simple .com site for themselves. Most had no desire, knowledge, time or energy to develop a marketing plan for themselves.
As a web administrator, almost daily, I received correspondence, or calls, or visits from people willing to sell me expensive video and social media programs, fancy this and that, from China, Russia, India and elsewhere across the globe to help me build my personal LOCAL business and help me get thousands of 'hits' and make millions of dollars. 
I could readily see that the millions of dollars was theirs to keep and mine to spend.
What I liked, and preferred, was an old sales adage, 'KEEP IT SIMPLE'.

I initially felt that a successful web or social media presence needs to be simple, easy to navigate, to the point, and easy enough to administer that the user,  or a son or a daughter or a secretary can handle updates quickly and ostensibly free of charge. In the Realty, personal,  (and simply small business) world there isn't unlimited funds for fancy and ineffective. The government might think so, but any really small business (like beauticians, Real Estate Professionals, Home business owners, etc) knows better.     Webletelpaso was born to build simple sites.


And so Weblet El Paso was born. I specialize in simple, and relatively inexpensive maintenace for BUILDER, REAL ESTATE and small business sites  that owners and small business professionals can have administered  for them for their own web presence, to link to with MLS, and even use on their special 'my business' social media page. Building a solid social media and local referral business is the mainstay of the truly small business owner. In addition you may simply want an internet home to share with family, friends, relatives and even customers.

I have also discovered that many have sites they love that now require maintenance and updating. Having them help may be the most expensive part.   Ask me how I can help you keep your site up to date and keep you on top of your business.

Click below for an idea of what a home tour video can look like, branded or non-branded.

What To Expect

This is my simple site. Whether you want simple, easy to maintain or complex product based sites I can help with bigger, fancier, complex or whatever, yet for my own small adventure I choose simple.
Enjoy the site and feel free to contact me with questions. No charge for simple answers.


Here are a couple of examples of projects: Click on the link to visit:


A life of variety can be of help to you.
Outside Sales and management experience for over 40 years with various companies including Real Estate sales, automotive, consumer products, and B2B. Out side sales with Philip Morris (Territory Manager), Laidlaw & BFI Wate Systems (Territory Manager), Vernon Company (Territory Manager/ Sales Manager), Kraft Food Service, Sebright Products (NW Regional Area Sales Manager), Winton Homes (Subdivision Builders Sales Representative) , Dayton Hudson (Retail Sales and Sales Management), Dillards (Retail Sales and Facilities Management), Webletelpaso (my company)-Web Development and Web Maintenance). 
I have the background to help you maximize your personal presentation on the web. Understanding your challenges through experience and knowledge, I can help you expand your horizons and grow your business. Been there done that allows me to empathize with the nature of the journey as well as translate those challenges, goals and achievements into personalizing your web presence.
Specialties: web administration and seo optimization, video creation, web management, social media presentation, Facebook pages administration, branding and promotion, home sales, website construction, flipbook creation, editing, organization and implementation. Company brochure creation and management... etc.
Let me give you an internet presence that is focused on you and not someone else.

DENNIS WHEELER      915-787-9874 (text or chat)      webletelpaso@gmail.com