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Years ago I wrote a song. 
"All of the dreams I had as a young boy
Shot down in flames of a middle aged man..........
There's Still time to dream the dreams.."

What has your dream been? To leave your story? To write that book or  see your music on the web? Maybe build your  own e-book or place your pictures or poems. Your family history? 

 Too much of who we are doesn't survive us. I have been trying to change some of that. For myself as well as others.
Maybe your music could be similar to www.denniscwheelermusic.com
Maybe that book in your head could be like www.theearthexperiment.com
Maybe your personal philosophy could land on a blog like www.unorthodoxchristianity.com
Maybe promote a business like www.denniswheelerrealtor.com

I have always wished that I could leave a little behind before I go.
 Find a permanent home on the web for my family, friends, or just passers by.
All of us have stories to tell.

I can be of help. Let me .