Research Resources


Greek Mythology Websites:
Winged Sandals: This website would have to be one of my top picks!  It offers storytime, games, crafts, history, who's who among the Gods, Monsters, and Mortals.  When you enter the site you have the option of selecting what you would like to explore for a toolbar, but you can also click on different areas of a map to venture around Mt. Olympus.  My favorite feature is storytime!  Storytime shows short videos depicting different myths.  All you need is Macromedia Flash Player.  Enjoy!
Mr. Donn on Ancient Greece: This website has both a link for kids and for teachers.  The link for kids takes the user on a wonderful adventure and provides tons of information.  Learn about daily life, Greek Myths, Greek City-States, and more!  Teachers, by clicking on the "teacher" link above you will be privied to a wealth of information including history, lesson plans, and classroom activities.
Kidipede: Kidipede is a useful website for information on Greek Myths.  The site also includes a family tree of the Greek Gods.  This might help you better vizualize how all of the Gods are related.  You can even click on each of the Gods in the family tree for more information.  
Greek-Gods.Info: This website offers information on the First Greek Gods, Olympian Gods, Semi-Gods & Spirits, Monsters & Creatures, plus more!  You will also find a link to Greek Mythology games and quizzes.  Ever wonder what the meaning of a Greek name was, well, you can find out on this website!    
Mythweb: This site is devoted to heros, gods, and monsters of Greek Mythology.  You can select Gods, Heros, Today, and Encyclopedia.  The option to select Today will describe how Greek myths are relevant today.  The Encyclopedia will take you to the Encyclopedia of Greek Mythology. Teachers, you will find a teacher link on this site as well!
Theio Greek Mythology: Exploring Mythology in Classic Literature and Art: Greek Myth introductions and biographies can be found on this site.  The website features beautiful painting that represent the Gods and Goddesses.  "The aim of the project is to provide a comprehensive, free reference guide to the gods (theoi), spirits (daimones), fabulous creatures (theres) and heroes of ancient Greek mythology and religion."
Classic Technology Center's Ancient Greek Gods: This website highlights the 12 Olympian Gods.  Each God has a number of subcategories, which provides the user with a great deal of information.  This website would be great for both students and teachers! 
Mythography: All you need to know about God & Goddesses, Heroes & Heroines, Lovers & Legends, and Creatures & Chimerae.  Within each topic listed above, you will find subtopics to narrow your search. 
Mythman: A site for students on the major and minor Greek gods and myths. This site even has a Homework Helper feature! It includes Myth Quizzes, The Greek Alphabet, The Gods Names in Greek, How the Names Are Pronounced and more.
Greek Mythology:  This site will direct you to an introduction to the origins of Greek Mythology.  You can also find out about People, Places & Things in the dictionary of mythology and the ancient world.  Click on "The Immortals" for a complete list of Gods and Goddesses. 
Woman in Greek Myths:  In this website, the browser will find a wealth of information specifically about the women in Greek Mythology.  Perhaps you are interested in Goddesses, Mortals, Monstresses, Amazons, or Nymphs.  If that's the case, this is the site for you.  You can search by alphabetical order, famous ones, or look through the myths pages with are more of a storybook style. 
Greek Mythology Coloring Pages: Need to add something to your research report?  Perhaps a map of Greece or pictures of the Gods and their symbols.  Check out these coloring pages to help spruce up your report.  Not only do you get the coloring pages, but information is also provided about the Gods!
Encyclopedia Mythica. Think mythology, think EM.
Encyclopedia Mythica: Encyclopedia Mythica allows you to search the many areas of mythology, which of course includes Greek Mythology.  You can search Mythology, Folklore, Bestiary, Heroes, Image Gallery, and Genealogy Tables.  Also available to the user is an Pronunciation Guide for all of those difficult to say Greek terms!  Encyclodpedia Mythica is a free site.  It is an excellent way to access information for research or inquiring minds! is another free reference resource.  To use this site, you simply type in a keyword or phrase.  You can use the Quick Reference Guide or the Keyword/Search Strategy pages to find a particular subject to search. provides a pronunciation sound clip.  This will help the user immensely, especially if you are expected to give an oral report on the topic.  
Wikipedia: Wikipedia offers a plethora of information on the topic of Greek Mythology.  Again, You can use the Quick Reference Guide or the Keyword/Search Strategy pages to find a particular subject to search.  Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia.  You want to be careful with the information you get from this site.  You may want to check the information (cross-reference) for accuracy.