STEP 1: You will be given a card with a name of a country written on it.

STEP 2: Find some information about the subjects below:

1- Introduction: flag, official languages, continent, capital city, ethnic groups, ocean.
2- Typical types of food and drinks
3- Tourist sights
4- Religion, music and sports.

Tip: each group member could pick a theme, so he/ she will be an expertise on the subject.

What pages can we visit to find the info? Well, read below.

If you choose wikipedia, do it in English ( en el margen izquierdo encontráis varios idiomas en los que puedes traducir la información. Si le pincháis a English, casi siempre os aparece más información que en español) You can find nearly all the information you need to do your project. Also, you could write the name of your country + visit, for example:, and a page related to that topic will appear.

STEP 3: You have to create an amazing collage and explain everything you have learnt in 2 minutes per person. 

STEP 4: In order to check your classmates have paid attention to your words...ask them at least 4 questions about your country.