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What is "TWSS-Thumbfixer"
"TWSS-Thumbfixer" is a software used to fix a thumb-drive had been infected by virus,which way your file's and folder's is hidden,it's caused by a virus.

Requirement :
  • At least Windows XP
  • RAM 256
  • With Visual Basic 6 Run-time
Software Ability :
  • Portable Application
  • Executed well on windows family from windows XP including XPE
  • Executed well on 64 Bit windows
Function :
  • Fix "File System" on a thumb drive or hard drive.which it can fix corrupted file or folder.Using "CHKDSK" from Windows
  • Lock "autorun.inf" & "desktop.ini" from being modified by virus by using "LOCKER"
  • Reset "Attributes" on Flash drive File's & folder
  • Has Ability to register "Right Click menu on Windows"
  • Reset "NTFS Permission" on NTFS File System (Drive Only)
Jan 20, 2017, 4:08 AM