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S1-Pending BuySell

Warning! Meta-Trader indicators and Forex software are still under Trials phase. Meta-Trader indicators and Forex software are intended for educational ONLY. "ParadoxTech" will not responsible due to misfortune in live trading account by using this Meta-Trader indicators and Forex software.

Warning!! Use With CAUTION,this is Beta Script

What is "Pending Order Script"
  • Pending Order Script is a script for Meta-Trader 4 ,used to view,kill & execute application into memory.
Clarify :
  • Make sure to try on demo account first to avoid any misfortune from this script.
Disclaimer :
  • This script is in copyright for the purpose of economic education, but to use it, you should use study how and procedures prior to the "real market".
  • This script only works on Meta-trader 4 only,and not only necessarily for Forex trading, it can be used for the stock market and to forecast support & resistance, as long as execute Meta Trader 4 platform only.
Requirement :
  • At least Windows XP
  • RAM 256
  • Support on Meta-trader 4
Function :
  • "BUY and SELL pending order position" at once
  • It was built specifically for those doing the trading during the news or "Daily trading by scalping"
  • Simulation supported,before Pending order executed
  • Tutorial included.
Change log 7.1 : On 12/10/08 - I has changed this script from Malay to English.
  • * Correct a bug in the "Size-Lot"
  • * Correction to set the "Take-profit"
  • + Additions to the "Stop-loss"
  • -Setting for Buy / Sell at the dump
  • + In addition to the "Buy-limit" and "Sell Limit"
  • + Many Set and re-coding the set of scripts to facilitate the application running in MQL4
  • + Simulation to see the to-be in open position
  • + Set "price" in the input price of its own (in an attempt Beta!)
  • * Correct bug in Simulation
  • + The concept of signal using the technique with "DeMark"
Updated functions.
  • * Correct Pivot + (High, Low, Close, Open / 4)
  • + Correct calculation of the "buy / sell limit order"
  • * Still in the prototype corrections for Buy / Sell Stop / Limit Set Price
  • + Point Protection to avoid brokers cheating trader with a "slip page", "gap" and "spike"
  • + Declare code for Expiration
  • + Restructuring coding for faster movement of the script to act
  • + Delete Pending Order
  • * Change language to English language script to facilitate traders around the world use this script
  • * Changes to the simple calculation script code "easy trade"
  • * Correct a bug in the "Point-protection"
Change Log 7.2 : On 01/05/2014
  • Optimized for Meta-trader 4 build 6xx+
BuySell Pending v9.ex4
Jan 1, 2016, 6:42 AM