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Warning! Meta-Trader indicators and Forex software are still under Trials phase. Meta-Trader indicators and Forex software are intended for educational ONLY. "ParadoxTech" will not responsible due to misfortune in live trading account by using this Meta-Trader indicators and Forex software.

Warning!! Use With CAUTION,this is Beta Indicator

What is "C1-SPREAD"
  • C1-SPREAD is an indicator for Meta-Trader 4.
Clarify :
  • Make sure to try on demo account first to avoid any misfortune from this indicator.
Suggested :
  • None
Requirement :
  • At least Windows XP
  • RAM 256
  • Support on Meta-trader 4
Function :
  • Show value between Bid & Ask (Spread) on chart
Guide :
  • None
Figure C1-SPREAD Indicator
Jul 24, 2016, 1:18 PM