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C1-BullBear v8

Warning! Meta-Trader indicators and Forex software are still under Trials phase. Meta-Trader indicators and Forex software are intended for educational ONLY. "ParadoxTech" will not responsible due to misfortune in live trading account by using this Meta-Trader indicators and Forex software.

Warning!! Use With CAUTION,this is Beta Indicator

What is "C1-BullBear"
  • C1-BullBear is an indicator for Meta-Trader 4.also known as "C8-BearBull"
Clarify :
  • C1-BullBear is still in the trial version.
  • Make sure to try on demo account first to avoid any misfortune from this indicator.
Suggested :
  • Insert two C1-BullBear on the chart :
  • 1st with settings "BigTrendSlow = true"
  • 2nd with settings "BigTrendSlow = false"
  • Make sure the background is white color chart for easy look at the C1-BEARBULL signal.
Requirement :
  • At least Windows XP
  • RAM 256
  • Support on Meta-trader 4
Function :
  • Identify Convergence and Divergence.
  • Identify the momentum volume (blue line)
  • Show the direction of the trend (dashed line violet color)
  • Has the trend of automatic calculation, the function "BigTrendSlow" can provide a slow but accurate signal
  • As well as the trend in the calculation decide will Bull or Bear trend.
Guide :
  • When the green line above zero point, it is considered as Bullish trend.
  • When the red line above zero point, it is considered as Bearish trend.
  • Basic concept, if bearish (red) more than zero then the bearish win,Otherwise the bullish (green) to below level of zero bullish is losing,and the trend confirm will be bearish.
Only one trend will win and will lose.Even the concepts used, such as of momentum and not as the price action.
Figure C8-BEARBULL Indicator
      Dec 31, 2015, 3:16 AM