Do you need delivery crew or extra person for holiday season?
Dose your steam ship, water taxi or cargo ship need a crew?
Repairing, Buying or selling, maybe doing new desing?

Please contact, handsome pro-boater available.

I have sailed from, archipelago Åland up to Lake of Saimaa. Sailing whit Sail Yachts, power boats, Steam Tug, Tugs, Schooner as well RO/LO. Technically 0.1t -1600t 2kW-800kW 3m-80m .

I’am about 44 years old decky, AB and Skipper. Decky and Skipper (100tons, restricted waters) based Finish legistlation 19pv 1997 paragraph 1256/1997). Also hold International Certificate for Operator of pleasure craft, Motor & Sail up to 24meters resolution 40 issued by FMA, Yacht Rateing issued by MCA STCW MCA STCW 78 II/4 & III/4 limited to yachts and school ships under 3000GT. See reference.

I have ISPS Security Offier certificates for company, port and ship. Other STCW ceritificates needs refsehment due lately been only recretional or at Finish coast. I have had STCW95 BASIC certification for crew positions, GOC GMDS and Person in Charge Medicare.

All privat Yacht's and Boat's must pay pre-pay all sallaryes. Whit shipping company's I work normal way.
Also be ready to pay all needed work realted costs includeing clothing, travelling home & back, service of my personal safety gear if boat dose not supply.

If you are not savy and as well quality service needed please contact, it's worth of it, get what you deserve!


gsm / sms.  +358 50 521 2279