jumbokurrola at maintance mode - kurrola.dy.fi

Starting 24.7.2014 whole cluster has ditribution upgrade from LTS 12.04 to 14.04 and services are out of use time to time. Upgrade is estimated to tak 24h for basic web services and 3-5 day's to all other softaware due most of them are tailor made and must be compiled agains Thrusty Thar.

ip4 address space has ended and we are moved to ipv6 network:

Still you can reach our web site via  gateway from old ip4 network, via ip4-ip6 gateway: http://kurrola.dy.fi.ipv4.sixxs.org
From ipv6 network you have full access  http://kurrola.dy.fi directly

So, it's time to switch ip6 and if operator dose not support ip6, sixxs might help you!

Sites's are maintance:

kurrola.dy.fi at ipv6 network and at ip4
joni.dy.fi at ipv6 network and at ip4
yachboy.dy.fi at ipv6 network and  atip4

are closed while Jumbokurrola is running maintance tasks.
Public services are normaly Open  8.00 - 16.00 ( 4.00 - 14.00 UTC ) and maintance run's
are done if needed 16.00 - 08.00 ( 14.00-04.00 UTC ).

Web sivustot on hullossa:

kurrola.dy.fi  ipv6 verkossa ja ip4 verkossa
joni.dy.fi at ipv6 verkossa ja at ip4 verkossa
yachboy.dy.fi at ipv6 verkossa ja ip4 verkossa

suljetaan ylläpito ajojen takia. Julkiset palvelut on normaalisti
auki päivittäin 06.00 - 16.00 ja ylläpito ajot tapahtuvat 16.00- 06.00 aikana

Tarvitaessa voit soittaa ylläpitäjälle +358 50 521 2279
When needed call Web Quality Assurance team: +44 870 392 8793, uk 0870 392 8793
e-mail: root@kurrola.dy.fi

My Public pages's at Google are here:  J-P's Web Pages , optarit.dy.fi and boy007.dy.fi