Current and future projects

Book Project

“Audiovisual Dis-Harmonies: Rethinking Cinematic Tropes of Labor and Migration”

A critical study of films that address the theme of labor, class, and migration.  To be completed during my sabbatical leave in 2017.

Film Project: 
“Ada” (completing 6th draft of screenplay)

Log Line:  No woman is an island – or perhaps she is?

SynopsisIstanbul 1971.  Ayhan falls in love with Jale and marries her despite his father’s disapproval.  While breaking free from old norms, Ayhan and Jale envision new horizons and possibilities for their young daughter Ada. Amid political and economic turmoil, they soon have a dream to follow.  From the Bosporus to Munich’s Isar River and New York City’s East River, the loves, lives, hopes and setbacks of a family over three generations in a rapidly changing world that makes everyone lonelier than before. 


Community Project:

“Nuri Bilge Ceylan: A Turkish Filmmaker and Photographer with a Difference,” Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA), Fall 2016
The first-ever Virginia-based exhibition of Turkish photographer, screenwriter, actor, film director and 2014 Palme d’Or winner Nuri Bilge Ceylan. Initiated the idea to bring this distinguished artist to Richmond, VA. 
Responsible for arranging Ceylan’s visit, festival program, and exhibition of Ceylan’s photography and films at the VMFA. [Organizer, Q&A Panel Discussion]