Culture of Birth, Culture of Migration (Brown University & the Rhode Island School of Design)

t “Culture of Birth, Culture of Migration: Turkish Filmmakers in German Society,”
    Brown University  and The Rhode Island School of Design, March 2-7, 1999: 
    First Turkish-German Film and Video Festival and Conference in the US.
    With guest lecturer Thomas Balkenhol, Professors Mahmut T. Öngören
    (President of the international Film Festival Ankara), Azade Seyhan, and Sabri   
    Özaydin, the Turkish Ambassador Onur Öymen, and filmmakers Mustafa Altioklar,
    Tevfik Baser, Seyhan Derin, and Osman Okkan. (This festival was sponsored by 
    many departments at Brown University, the Rhode Island School of Design, the    
    Rhode Island Council for the Humanities, and various organizations, institutions,
    and individuals nationally and internationally; attendance of over 3000 people for the 
    whole event.
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