Courses taught


Randolph-Macon College, Fall 2002 – present:

The New German Cinema (FLET 221)
Introduction to Film History and Art (FILM 210)
Introduction to International Film (FILM 244)
Women and Film (WMST 347)
    Migration and Film (First Year Experience Course, FYE 119/120)
    Major Filmmakers (FILM 345)
    East West Encounters in Film (FYEC 235)
     Beginning German (GERM 111&112) and
    Intermediate German (GERM 211&212). Text: Neue Horizonte.  
    Conversation and Film (GERM 245).  
    Advanced German Conversation (GERM 305&306).
    The German Novelle (GERM 315)
Wellesley College, 2000-02:

Beginning and Intermediate German. Text: Neue Horizonte.

Intensive German (January 2001)

Advanced Studies in German Literature and Culture:

“Globalization and Migration: An Exploration of Minority Culture in Germany”

(Spring 2001);

“Representations of Minority Culture: The Young Turks of German Cinema”

(Fall 2001).

Ohio State University, 1999-2000:

Conversation and composition (German culture course 1945 until present)

Courses on 18th, 19th, and 20th century German literature and culture

Intermediate German. Texts: Kaleidoskop; Rückblick.


Brown University, 1993–98:

    Beginning German:
        Texts: Deutsch: Na Klar! Kontakte; Palette; Alles in Allem;Sprechen wir Deutsch.
        Intermediate German 
        Texts: Aus unserer Zeit: Dichter des zwanzigsten Jahrhunderts; 
        Deutschland: Ein neuer Anfang: A German Cultural Reader for Intermediate 

    Advanced Seminar:

    “Guilt Management: Postwar German Culture” (Instructor: Thomas W. Kniesche) 

    Introduced some of the readings and films; developed discussion  materials;     
        reviewed papers/exams.

    Brown Learning Community (Brown University’s division of continuing education):

    Accelerated Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced German.
       Texts:  Kontakte; Neue Horizonte; Der Weg zum Lesen; Themen.


Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, Fall 1992:   

   Beginning German. Text: Deutsch: Na Klar!


Volkshochschule, Germany, 1990-91:

   Taught beginning and intermediate German to a multinational group of immigrants.


Goethe-Institut, Izmir, Turkey, Spring 1989:

    Involved in teaching various German courses; Participated in meetings with  
        staff members.  
Developed cultural enhancement programs; familiarization with  
        the structure of the institute.