Courses taught

Randolph-Macon College, 2002-present:

In German Studies:
   Beginning German
   Intermediate German
   Capstone Experience (for German majors) 
Conversation and Film  
   Multicultural Germany (Advanced German Conversation)
   Cuba in the German Imaginary       
   Enchanted Worlds: Fairy tales, the Fantastic, and the Supernatural in German Culture
   Geschäftsdeutsch: An Introduction to German Business Culture
   Geschäftsdeutsch: Business German II 
   Intensive Intermediate German   
   The German Novelle 

In Film Studies:
   East West Encounters in Film (First-Year-Experience-Course & class trip to NYC)
   Film Theory and Criticism
   German Cinema
   Introduction to Film History and Art
   Introduction to International Film
   Major Filmmakers
   Migration and Film (First-Year-Experience Course for freshmen)
   New Turkish Cinema
   Turkish German Cinema

In Women’s Studies:
   Women and Film

Wellesley College, 2000-02:

Beginning and Intermediate German. Text: Neue Horizonte.

Intensive German (January 2001)

Advanced Studies in German Literature and Culture:

“Globalization and Migration: An Exploration of Minority Culture in Germany”

(Spring 2001);

“Representations of Minority Culture: The Young Turks of German Cinema”

(Fall 2001).

Ohio State University, 1999-2000:

Conversation and composition (German culture course 1945 until present)

Courses on 18th, 19th, and 20th century German literature and culture

Intermediate German. Texts: Kaleidoskop; Rückblick.


Brown University, 1993–98:

    Beginning German:
        Texts: Deutsch: Na Klar! Kontakte; Palette; Alles in Allem;Sprechen wir Deutsch.
        Intermediate German 
        Texts: Aus unserer Zeit: Dichter des zwanzigsten Jahrhunderts; 
        Deutschland: Ein neuer Anfang: A German Cultural Reader for Intermediate 

    Advanced Seminar:

    “Guilt Management: Postwar German Culture” (Instructor: Thomas W. Kniesche) 

    Introduced some of the readings and films; developed discussion  materials;     
        reviewed papers/exams.

    Brown Learning Community (Brown University’s division of continuing education):

    Accelerated Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced German.
       Texts:  Kontakte; Neue Horizonte; Der Weg zum Lesen; Themen.


Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, Fall 1992:   

   Beginning German. Text: Deutsch: Na Klar!