About the project

Web Objects Ambient is a tool supporting a novel approach for enabling users to abstract and structure existing Web contents, favoring the creation of a diverse range of Web Personal experiences. For further details, please see:
Firmenich, S., Bosetti, G. Rossi, G., Winckler, M. & T. Barbieri (2016). Abstracting and Structuring Web contents for supporting Personal Web Experiences.
Bosetti, G., Firmenich, S., Rossi, G., Winckler, M. & T. Barbieri (2016). Web Objects Ambient: an integrated platform supporting new kinds of Personal Web experiences

The realization of this project was made possible in the context of collaboration of two research laboratories: 
The aim of this site is describing technical issues about WOA, for both end users and advanced users with technical skills. We also present video demostrations to facilitate its understanding.