About NAS


     The Nebraska Archaeological Society is a chapter member of the Central States Archaeological Societies, Inc. and is a non-profit organization and has no paid officers or employees. We endeavor to develop a better understanding among students and collectors of archaeological material, professionals, as well as museums and institutions of learning, and to further this understanding by providing a means of publishing articles of interest by both professional and amateur archaeologists. 

From our By-Laws       
The purpose of the Nebraska Archaeological Society is to:
Facilitate among its members the sharing of knowledge, ideas and experiences pertaining to archaeology in the state of Nebraska;

Encourage the study of and the addition to the archaeological record of the state;

Promote the documentation and preservation of the archaeological resources of the state;

Build a constructive public attitude towards archaeology in the state; 

Foster a spirit of cooperation among amateur, avocational and professional archaeologists;

Discourage and condemn any illegal activity that compromises the archaeological resources of the state; 

Publish and distribute an archaeological newsletter that aids in the aforementioned purposes and objectives.