Sail with Rhythmbox to discover much more on your music.

WebMenu is a Rhythmbox v2.9x plugin. With one click you can:
  • Search current playing/selected song on Youtube.
  • Search its album on Wikipedia, AllMusic, RateYourMusic, AllAboutJazz, DiscoGS,, Grooveshark, Facebook, Amazon.
  • Search its artist on Wikipedia, AllMusic, RateYourMusic, DiscoGS,, Facebook, Myspace, Torrentz.
  • Open the artist official website.
  • Look for the lyrics!

WebMenu now is also completely personalizable: you can add new music websites to search on, change the keyboard shortcuts, reorder the sub-menus, choose which services are shown and much more using a deadly simple configuration window.


WebMenu will be accessible from the menu bar:
And from the context menu:


  • Extract the 'WebMenu' directory from the archive
  • Open a terminal in the WebMenu directory, run ./ and enter your password. (use ./ -h for more options)
  • Open Rhythmbox: Edit -> Plugins
  • Scroll to WebMenu and check Enabled


To open the options you can:
  • Click the 'Options' menu item in WebMenu or (if you disabled it):
    • Open Rhythmbox: Edit -> Plugins
    • Scroll to WebMenu and click Preferences

Bugs and Suggestions

Find a bug? Have a suggestion? Throw an issue via Git, add a comment below or write me an e-mail!


WebMenu 2.2 download page

WebMenu 2.2 download