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Office Hours

We’ve started hosting office hours in Google+ hangouts! Google+ hangouts make it easy to meet with members of the Google Webmaster Central team. Come and chat with us, get your questions answered, and provide feedback directly!

When: 1-3 times weekly, generally announced a few days in advance. Our hangouts are generally open to everyone and last about an hour.

Where: In a Google+ hangout! We'll post the hangout to a member of our team's public stream. You will be able to find and join the hangout on their profile. Check back here regularly for a link to the profile of whoever is running the Office Hours for that week.

Topics: We’re ready to cover anything Google web-search-related like crawling, indexing, duplicate content, Sitemaps, Google Search Console, pagination, duplicate content, multi-lingual/multi-regional sites, etc. While we may be able to help with basic site-specific problems during a hangout, it’s generally better to check the FAQs & start a forum thread with the specifics where other users may have more time to respond accordingly. Some of the previous sessions have been recorded, there are YouTube playlists for the English and German hangouts available. We also have an archive for previous hangouts in 2014, 2013,  and 2012.

How to join: You will need a Google+ account (which you can create for free). A hangout works best with a webcam + headset. You can find out more about Hangouts and how to participate in the Google+ Help Center. To join a hangout, watch the Google+ stream of the person holding the hangout (or add them to your circles) and wait for the post inviting you to join. Hangouts are currently limited to 10 participants, so if you can’t get in initially, you may want to try again a bit later during the session, or be early when the next session comes. Keep in mind that hangouts are public.

Next scheduled office hours:

Additionally, some of the Webmaster Central and Web-Search Top Contributors (not Googlers, but rather very knowledgeable and experienced users from the forums) are holding office hours hangouts on their own. You can find out more about their hangouts in the appropriate forum thread.

Hangin' with the Webmaster Central team
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