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FAQ: Malware and hacked sites

Q: My site has been labeled as "This site may harm your computer." What do I do?
 Clean up your site. If you don't know how to do this, contact your web host for help. These resources may help:
Q: Google's search results say I have malware, but I can't find it!
In some situations, we may be able to provide more details and example URLs in the Health - Malware section of Search Console. If you can't find malware on your site yourself, it's generally best to let the users in the 
Search Console Forum help you to find it. Oftentimes, malware is somewhat hidden. As it can cause problems on your own computer, make sure that you're using a current browser on an updated operating system with anti-virus protection installed and active.

Q: I just cleaned my site after a malware attack. Now what?
 After removing the malware from your site, request a malware review for your site in the Health - Malware section for your site in Search Console. You should also address the vulnerability that allowed your site to be compromised. These resources may also help:
Q: My site was hacked, do you have any tips for me?
 After removing the hacked content, you should file a reconsideration request. We also recommend contacting your webhost to inform them of the issues you discovered. You can also find more resources at: