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Bionic Posters

Google Webmaster Help Bionic Posters are forum members who stand out as exceptionally active, helpful and friendly. 

They volunteer time and energy to help build a great community and to help webmasters all around the world. We created this designation to recognize their outstanding efforts and to encourage other members to follow their lead and help foster the forum's community spirit. The Webmaster Help Bionic Posters are official Google Top ContributorsWhile Top Contributors are highly knowledgeable and helpful members of the forums, they are not Google employees and cannot act directly on your behalf in resolving website issues. Instead of sending private messages to TCs, we generally recommend posting your issue on the forums so others can benefit from the insights and advice they offer.

(Christina) - www.webado.net
I am a believer in clean code, following W3C standards, usability and common sense, which together spell my brand of SEO. Combine with a bit of humility (or, let's say a bit of self-doubt) for best results. I learn and then I teach what I've learned and then learn some more. Seems like an efficient process. I am a little reluctant to change just for the heck of changing however, so please just bear with me ;)

(Vince) - www.tesol-direct.com
Vince taught in school, college and university education in the UK, Africa and Asia. Originally teaching English as a second language, he got interested in ICT (information communication technology) in the 1980s and started doing website development in the 1990s. He now works freelance at a leisurely pace. He usually focuses on the way websites present themselves for users and search engines both technically and in terms of indexable content. He has failed to learn several languages, but keeps trying, to the annoyance of those around him!

(Herbert) - www.newdy.org
More than a dozen years of daily observation of search engines have sure taught me something about how they work and how to make pages readable to humans and machines alike. My SEO is driven by common sense, I learn from every question I read here and will always answer in case I find something useful or witty to say ... ;-)

- www.asymptoticdesign.co.uk
Continuously setting the benchmark for technical expertise and kindness, Cristina's a gem to the webmaster community. Keep an eye out for her helpful advice; there's a ton to learn from this web developer.

- sasch.co
Corporate SEO Disaster Recovery Specialist and Online Troubleshooter. Over the past few years Sasch has helped some of the world’s biggest brands get themselves out of trouble with Google’s manual actions and algorithmic markdown.

(Brian) - www.beussery.com/blog
My career began designing and selling T-shirts while a student at the University of Georgia. After a year or so, I decided to create my own website. In doing so, I came across a research project by two guys my age at Stanford University and it truly fascinated me. Today, that project is called Google!

- twitter.com/BermanHale
I like to help. My favorite areas are around information architecture, technical SEO, content, link auditing and usability. My goal is to help people take away the noise and myths around SEO and just focus on building a really great website. 


Lysis is a part-time code rock star and full-time President of the Matt Cutts Fan Club.  When not reading up on the latest C# hacks or contemplating questions for Matt to answer in his next video, you can usually find her drinking beer.  Besides beer drinking, her favorite hobby is taunting spammers who post links in the forum without knowing they are nofollowed. 
- Google+
After 25 years in a small business setting I see everything as a customer service issue. If your site isn't fast enough, it affects the customers. Broken Link? Affects the customers. Failing to provide adequate information? Another Customer Service issue.
And like most small businesses owners, I am self taught and I make mistakes. It also means I learn from my mistakes or I don't survive. The ideas of information and self taught translate into my responses as I see this forum as an opportunity to learn, teach and leave a legacy for others to follow and do the same.

I knew nothing when I set up my first site in 2004, for a charity that had no other webmaster options. 

Not a techie, never will be, so I leave that to those who are. Much of what I do know, I learned on this forum. 

I still set up sites for non-profits and friends' small businesses. I also pop into the  Blogger and Adsense forums from time to time.
KORPG_Kevin - www.korpg.com
In addition to my time spent here helping webmasters, I manage a few sites for family and friends while also running a small business making games. I see many web issues as a puzzle to be solved through a common sense lens that places the visitor at the forefront.

Suzanne welcomes the opportunity to speak of herself in the third person. She's a self-taught programmer (circa 1995 - using Notepad, no less) who created a weight loss website back in 2002. Coincidentally, a love-hate relationship with Google started at around the same time. She's living proof that 404s don't hurt your rankings -- and that you can rank in Google search with zero keyword research.
Black Belt
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away a black belt Taekwondo instructor, recovering attorney and starving musician became stuck in the world wide web. A new responsive, secure and AMPed version emerged along with several other witty puns.  
Ben Griffiths
Gaieus (Csaba) - gaieus.hu
By my original trade, I am a historian and archaeologist although later also became a lawyer. I am a completely self taught webmaster currently mainly working with WordPress sites for family members and friends beside my own "projects". I came here to learn first and later, gradually became more and more self-confident at also answering questions and giving advice.
Grace Massa Langlois
Rotary Steve

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