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This is a photo of me Gloria Poole in front of some of my paintings I painted that are NOT real people  in what I named "ethnic-paintings". I admit it is not the best photo of me but it's the best I could achieve that day,  because of extenuating circumstances. 
I am stating the FACT that I am alive because I saw two fake obituaries with my name on them but one of them was similar enough to my life and family background that I think they were created by some bad PR team for some evil person who  is trying to annihilate me physically and in every way including trying to annihilate my very name! This email was always mine but cybercriminals tried to hijack it.

webm'aam is intended to indicate that I am a woman as in web-maker- not a man as in "webmaster". And I am a white woman though I know it provokes some people for me to state the obvious.  I am the same Gloria Poole who is a Registered Nurse in Missouri with current license; and the same Gloria Poole who paints in oils,acrylics,watercolors,powdered pastels,gouche, tempera;  and who draws in pen/inks,pencils,charcoals, chalk. And the same Gloria Poole who writes on the prolife cause on blogs and websites AND who photographs extensively scenes of nature,skies,landscapes,architecture,flowers,sunsets,and even miraculously alien spaceships it seems, if you look at my  photographs named alien spaceship.... And the same Gloria Poole who creates websites of my paintings, photography and of scriptures trying to teach people not to abort their children or sin against GOD.

I know that there is a man* who lives in Colorado who has made many threats to kill me; and who tried too four different times; and but for GOD, I'd be dead. But the better solution instead of pretending I am dead, is to put him in federal prison where he belongs for many crimes.

I am not in hiding or dead. I am painting as artist still ; and photographing still; and when the web is not trying to censor me for being Christian, or prolife, or heterosexual then I am writing on blogs for the prolife cause,and publishing /scriptures also. The criminals on the internet seem to be in far greater numbers than the good people and that is sad.

*Footnote: The man in Colorado trying to kill me  is my second ex-husband with initials DBP who injured me seriously on his 4th attempt to harm me/kill me. The Courts of Colorado know much about this as I have told them quite a bit in writing and in personal testimony in courts. 
Update: these domains were all stolen from me in year 2011 via identity theft, actual theft, and fraud:
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Also please read the copyright notice on one of my main blogs at: https://gloriapoole.blogspot.com/ for the entry previous to todays date of 15-July-2011. That blog is entitled "Politicking,Painting, and Photography by Gloria Poole." Also follow me on twitter  via @gloriapoole. 
FYI. I have telephone numbers other than the ones you would see on any webpage. I purposely do not list them for the public but those who have a need to know them,do know them.
Update by me Gloria on 19 July 2014 to add that the domains listed above were all stolen FROM me in year 2011 after a person tried to run over me with a vehicle here in Missouri, and lifted my pocketbook as I lay on pavement waiting on an ambulance. I a leaving this site up as documentation that these domains were mine, contained content I created and were stolen via fraud and iD theft from me. 

I keep this on web as documentation of events. 


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