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So where did I come up with the Web Hosting 2055 for the name of this site? I like the number 2055.

Google Pages Free Web Hosting

A Primer on starting your first Free Googlepages Website. By Rick C Kern

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Eight Days to Google Index
This is an ongoing article chronicling the building of a website. It took less than eight days to get the first page into the Google index for this site. Everything that was done to promote the website I have logged. I have also logged the progress of the website in the Google rankings. by Rick C Kern.

Perfect Author Resource Box

This is a great article on what to put in your Article Resource box when you submit your Article for Ezine Publication.

Adsense Authors Who are these People

Christopher Knight defines what an Adsense author is and what the best ones do to promote their websites.

Beginner HTML

This is a quick article on how to use the basic HTML tags. Simple and Easy.

Build a Free Blog

Step by step on how to build a Free Blog from Blogger.

XsitePro Website builder Review

Ezine Publishers want these 5 things in Articles

How to improve your articles for Ezine distribution
Favorite Web Guru

Here are some of the Best Web Gurus.

Googlepages PageRank

What is Google PageRank and how does it effect your website? Do any googlepages sites rank highly in Google?

Kevin Bidwell Article Marketing Interview

This is a great interview by Christopher Knight of Kevin Bidwell. Not only are the questions relevent to Ezine Article Marketing the answers are right to the point.

Testing 3 way links

Keyword Suggestion Tool from Digitalpoint.com

Online Data Storage

Should you be storing your data online?

Squidoo Your first Lens-How To

Step by Step on how to build your first Squidoo Lens.

John Reese Publish Crap

Do it now. Get your pages up and then polish. Great advice from John Reese.

Blogging for SEO

Make your Blog benefit your website.

Web Hosting Links

A couple of Web hosts I can personally recommend.

2-Piece Compaq C700T Notebook + All-in-one bundle, starting at $399.98 using PayPal. Code: PP8383. Ends 12/31

Site Build It

Site Build It by Ken Evoy has been a great journey for me. If you want to learn about the web you cannot learn more anywhere else than building a website with Site Build it.  This has been

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