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****Tracfone Phone Deals Compared****

Tracfone Phone deals come in two different versions depending on your Zip Code.  If you live in an area that GSM phones work then you will be offered GSM phones that will work on both the AT&T and T-Mobile networks.  Tracfone Phones are also available in areas that only have CDMA coverage and those phones will work on the Verizon, Alltel and US Cell networks.  Tracfone phone deals and Net10 deals available are different depending upon if you have CDMA or GSM service in your zip code.

I Updated this Tracfone Phone Deals page November 18,2008

Tracfone GSM Phone Deals

The latest Tracfone Phone Deals if you are in GSM (At&t or T-Mobile) area.  When you put in your zip code if you are in GSM area the Motorola W376g will be the first option.

My first choice from this page is the "Ultimate Bundle" that includes the LG 225 and the One year 400 minute card for $100.  Using a Bonus code you will be able to get an extra 200 minutes and since this phone is a DMFL phone you will get 800 minutes from the card.  This will give you over a year of service and 1000 minutes for $100.

My second GSM Tracfone Phone deal would be the "Motorola W370 with the 450 minute card for $80".  This will give you 900 minutes because the W370 is a DMFL phone.  Don't forget to use a bonus code when you add this card.  You get 3 months service with the card and 2 months when you activate the phone. For $80 you will get 900 minutes and 5 months service in the TracFone Motorola W370 with the 450 minute airtime card.

My choice in a Tracfone phone when price doesn't matter would be the LG 600g or the Motorola W376.  They cost quite a bit more because they currently are not available in a Tracfone special package.  I also like the W376, LG 225, W370, Lg 3280, Lg 200c. 

LG 600 next to the Motorola W376 Prepaid Cell Phones
LG 600 next to the Motorola W376 Prepaid Cell Phones

I do not recommend you purchase the  W175, c139, w260, c261, v170, or the c139 one year card, or c261 double one year card deals.  With my Recommended deals you get better phones and more minutes for the same or less money.  I do not recommend adding minutes to a TracFone phone that does not have DMFL.  DMFL is included on  the w370, w376, lg 600, and LG 225. 
If you want the TracFone Motorola W376 or the Lg 600 I would purchase it and also purchase the W370 with the 450 minute card.  If you add the W370 with the 450 minute card you will end up with 900 minutes to add to your phone.  Also the W370 and W376 both use the same battery and charger.  You would then have a spare battery for your W376 and 900 minutes for your phone.  Tracfone Phone Deals  It is really handy to have a spare charger to leave at work or use with a converter in your car.
The best deal on Tracfone minutes are the TracFone Minute Cards that come with a free phone and DMFL.

TracFone Bonus codes 51729 for the one year card and 200 extra minutes.  55346 for the doubler one year card.

Best Tracfone GSM Phone Deal - 1120 minutes and 14 months and Free Phone - $100

I Recently (November 2008) bought the Tracfone LG 225 with one year card 400 minute card for a friend for $100 from the website.   Three days later the phone showed up at my door.   I activated the phone and received 20 minutes and two months at the website.  Once the phone was active (it took less than five minutes and I got a message on the phone with her new phone number), I then added the One year 400 minute card and used Bonus Code 55118 again from the website.  I received 400 minutes + 400 minutes from DMFL and 300 minutes from the bonus code.  This took about 10 minutes total.  I like to actvate the phone and make sure it is working before adding  a Tracfone card, that way if there is a problem with the phone or with the activation my card will not be tied up in the transaction.  I recommend only doing one thing at a time, Only add one card and bonus code at a time,  then wait until the transaction shows up on your phone before you use the phone or add another card.   Here is a link to get Bonus Codes Tracfone Phone Deals.

This turned out to be a great TracFone Phone deal  **1100+ minutes, one of the best Tracfones, DMFL, and 14 months of service for $100. **  The Lg 225 with One Year Card and 400 minutes  is the Best Tracfone Deal Available.  Two years ago to get a comparable deal you would have spent over $300.

Net10 GSM Phone deals

Again my choice in phones would be the Lg 600 or the W375 if you willing to spend $20 or $30 to get a nicer phone. 
The deals of Net10 are different than Tracfone because all the phones come with 300 minutes and two months service.  This means when comparing a Net10 phone to a TracFone phone deal you need to subtract about $30 from the price of the Net10 phone.  
The best Net10 Phone Deal  is the Nokia 1600 which comes with a 300 minute phone card for $30.  You get 600 minutes and 120 days service and this phone for $30. For a basic phone this is the best deal in Prepaid cellular.  The next best Net10 Phone deal is the Motorola V176 flip phone with a 600 minute card for $60.  You get 900 minutes and 180 days service for $60 with a nice little folding phone.

If you purchase any Net10 phone be sure to buy one of the $30 Nokia 1600 with minute card also.  Then Activate the 1600 and you can move the minutes to your other Net10 phone.  Net10 normally will not move the activation time but they will move the minutes from the 1600.  I have purchased a few of these deals and activated the phones and moved the minutes to my regular phone.  I have gotten over 1500 free Net10 Minutes transfered onto my phone this way.  Tracfone Phone deals.

Net10 vs Tracfone Phone deals in  GSM Territory

The battle of the deals between Net10 and TracFone.  Tracfone phone deals always have the edge in the cheapest cost for service because you get 90 days of service with most Tracfone cards.  Usually the minutes are cheaper with Net10.  DMFL with Tracfone equalizes the minute prices for Tracfone.  The online 450/900 minute deal from Tracfone means you can get 8.8 cent minutes all the time from Tracfone.

I just bought the TracFone LG cg225 one year deal for $100 for a friend of mine.  She got a brand new phone with DMFL.  With this deal I used a  bonus code while activating and got 1020 minutes and 14 months of service.  Great deal for $100. 

On a tighter budget I would purchase the $60 V176 from Net10 for 920 minutes and 5 months service.  I prefer to use folding phones.  The best bang for your bucks is the Net10 Nokia 1600 for $30 and 600 minutes and 4 months.  
On a very tight budget where I am after the most minutes, the best deal is two Net10 Nokia 1600 with $30 phone card deals.  If you purchase two at a time you will not have to pay the $4.95 shipping charge.

CDMA Tracfone Phone Deals vs CDMA Net10

If you put your zip code in and  you are offered the LG 3280, Lg200c, and/or Kyocera 126c then you are in CDMA area.  This means your Tracfone or Net10 phone will be working on the Verizon or Alltel or US Cell networks.  

TracFone does not have as many phone offers in CDMA areas.  The two folding phones from LG (the 200c and the 3280) both work well and the battery will last up to a week between charges.  The LG 3280 has a few more functions  and is a little bit heavier. 

CDMA Deals

I never recommend buying a Tracfone that does not come with DMFL.  The minutes are way too expensive without DMFL and adding DMFL to a phone for $50 adds a lot to the cost of the phone.  
I would not recommend buying the  Tracfone Kyocera 126c, LG 200, LG 3280,  phones by themselves or the Lg 200c with the one year card because none of them come with DMFL.

The only CDMA TracFone deal I recommend is the TracFone Lg 3280 with One Year Card and DMFL because it is the only CDMA Tracfone deal with DMFL.

Lg 3280 and LG 200c

Lg 200c CDMA Tracfone Phone

Net10 CDMA Phones

Since all the Net10 phones come with 300 minutes when you activate them and the minutes are 10 cents a minute all the time either the Kyocera 126c for $30 or the  Lg 200c for $49.95 are better deals than most of the CDMA Tracfones.   I would buy the Net10 LG 200c  for the extra $20 I like the feel and that it is a folding phone.

If you do not plan on using 150 minutes a month then the TracFone LG 3280 with One Year Doubler Card  card will get you the most time and minutes for your money.

Lg 600 and Motorola W376 Prepaid Phones from Net10 and Tracfone
Lg 600 and Motorola W376 Prepaid Phones from Net10 and Tracfone

Tracfone Phone Deal Review

Simple key to remember with Tracfone  is buy one of the Tracfone Phones that comes with a Phone card and make sure either the card or the phone comes with DMFL. 

Net10 Phone Deal Review

Remember all the Net10 phones come with 300 minutes on activation.  If the phone is sold with a Net10 Minute card that will be in addition to the 300 minutes that comes with the phone.  Usually you will get the Best Ne10 deal buying a Phone with a card.

Get a Net10 Motorola W375 with 300 minutes and free shipping for only $39.99!


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Tracfone Phone Deals Compared
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